Trash in the Apocalypse
298 New Orders, Confiscate
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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298 New Orders, Confiscate

As the angry mob moved to the side, Marvin finally noticed a small inkling of haziness in their eyes. The more he saw, the more he understood. The other person must have used a charming skill that caused this to happen.

Even so, he smiled and remained calm. Since he was able to remain awake, it could only mean that he had higher stats than the other person.

He glared at the collared worker but retained his smile.

"Capture them!" Marvin shouted, "but don't kill anyone."

As soon as he bellowed, several strips of twines ran out under the military trucks and snaked around every soldier's body. The twine strips climbed the soldier's legs and run up to everyone's neck, coiling around it. The ends of each twine were sharpened like knives and were pointed on each and every soldier's necks. If they were to do anything unnecessary, the twines could easily pierce their necks.

The soldiers gasped in surprise and tried to pull the twines out, but they were too slow since they were trained to always hold their weapons. Before they could reach for the twines, it was already wrapped tightly on their necks. Some tried their luck and pulled harder, only to receive a soft poke from the twines making them feel its sharpness and bleed.

The convoy captain fumed from the sudden turn of events and if not for Adan stopping him after noticing that he was about to explode. The captain calmed himself before glaring at Marvin and his weird backups.

"What are you doing? Are you finally showing your true colors?!"

"I don't understand what you're asking me, but I can definitely say that I'm defending my people. You see, we were living peacefully until you're group showed up. I suggest that you go back to where you came from, so nothing serious happens."

This is the first time that outside forces with real threats had come on the border of Black Haven. As a designated town manager, Marvin decided to make use of this group of soldiers to solidify his position. He must make sure that he gets every information and items he could take from them without ruining their relationship if there was a relationship to be salvaged anyway.

The captain was about to respond when a hand stopped him. Adan who took a few steps back earlier and was watching from the sidelines finally stepped forward again.

Adan knows that there was only a selected type of people that could resist his skill, and those people were the ones who were stronger than him. 

The captain backed off immediately. He wasn't someone stupid or he wouldn't be the one assigned to lead this group. He was asking for answers earlier as a mental retaliation and to buy some time for others to recover. Every soldier calmed down instead of panicking after hearing his shout. They immediately looked around to assess the situation. 

Most of the people were still under the spell with some survivors with higher resistance slowly breaking free and waking up. 

Hidden behind the first line of dazed people, Zeke Sicat was trying his best to control his twines. If it weren't for the energy drain, he wouldn't even last this long while controlling several twines at the same time. Beside him was Kylle Clark as a bodyguard and his two favorite women. The two women were his backup energy source once he ran low. He has been using this trick for a long time, and the women agree with this in exchange for safety and a better life.

When a soldier up the truck noticed them, a gun was immediately pointed at them. To teach the group a lesson, Zeke was forced to slice the man's neck.

The soldier gurgled in his own blood as he tried to grasp for air. Kylle came forward and took a tower shield he bought from the auction from his dimensional storage. The rectangular shield dropped on the ground and caused the road to quake due to its weight.

The quake was not too strong, but it was enough to jolt everyone nearby to wake up from their dazed state. If other soldiers were to risk it and shoot at them, Kylle could use reflect and send their attacks back at them. If the enemy chose to be evil, they would receive what they initially sent with slightly stronger power.

Adan didn't know what happened, but he saw a soldier fall from the truck and die. He instantly shouted to take control of the situation.

"Calm down! Don't do anything rash!" He shouted for both enemy and ally to hear.

Adan then stared at Marvin wanting to size him up. The man doesn't look experienced in any way. If you don't know who he was before, you would never consider him as a drug addict.

Marvin was just malnourished due to circumstances. Once his way of life improved, his stature and manners were finally shaping up. His muscles were developing in the right places and his mental age was continuing to mature.

After gauging Marvin, Adan finally spoke. "I'll repeat one more time. We were sent here to send a message to your leader. If you could help us set up a meeting with him, then we would immediately retreat giving the message."

"And like what I've said earlier, I'm here to receive the message."

Upon hearing Marvin's words, Adan could feel his annoyance meter rising. He was about to lose his temper when he noticed that Marvin was looking dazed while staring at his wristwatch.

When Marvin looked up, a playful glint showed up in the corner of his eyes.

"We've got orders. Confiscate their weapons and bring them to the gymnasium."

The spartans behind Marvin scattered and moved forward in a defensive position. Their shields covered their ankle up to their shoulders while their spear was arched behind, ready to throw at any moment. 

The soldiers wanted to resist, but a soft cuddling reminder from their necks stopped any retaliation from them. Each soldier was kneeling on the ground as a special individual check their inventories for dangerous weapons.

Marvin said, "Don't worry. We will not hurt you. Our leader will come here, so we are making sure that nothing hidden in your inventories could cause trouble."

After checking everyone's dimensional storage and confiscating every dangerous weapon, the convoy was brought to the gymnasium. 

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》