Trash in the Apocalypse
300 Move Ou
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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300 Move Ou

Jun heard the old man's cheap trade and immediately refused. "I don't want a useless tin can. I think I can pack more punch than that thing.

"Regardless, I'm a friendly guy who likes to help people in need. I want all of your guns and ammunition, the IFV, and the transport helicopter. In return, my guys would be fighting as the vanguard, and your guys could fight from the rear. It's safer that way, and we would achieve mutual benefits."

Jun waited for the other side to respond but could only hear rough breathing. He even wondered if the old man was sleeping when he heard a deep sarcastic voice. "Do you think I'm an idiot?"

To which Jun replied honestly.

"I think you're desperate. I'll stay here, so you can take your time and decide. To make things a bit fair, I can allow you to enter Angono to buy some of our crafted items."

"...I'll think about it."

After hearing Corwin's reply, Jun handed the phone back to Adan. The deal was as good as sealed. Corwin wanted a lot of items from Black Haven but couldn't find any traders. In the first place, Black Haven citizens treat the military as an enemy for abandoning them.

It was guaranteed that Corwin would accept due to his greed. If he could monopolize this connection, he would get a better standing inside the military.

And as expected, Adan's phone was handed back to Jun, not even a minute later.

"Okay, but I'll arm all of my soldiers first before I hand over the armory."

Jun refuted immediately. "I don't want a looted armory, so no."

The two haggled once more like conniving old merchants. When the fight ended, Jun managed to get everything he was promised and only compromised by giving out a 3-day training session for the gunless soldiers.

At first glance, Jun seems to be the one benefitting a lot, but if you look into things deeply, Corwin still had the upper advantage. Corwin was transitioning his subordinates to close-quarter combatants like Jun. He realized that supplies would surely run out shortly, and investing in melee combats would raise their survivability.

The IFV and Transport Helicopter needs a lot of gas to be used. Their ammunition was also running out, and having them around only attracts more carriers than intended. They were even less efficient as a transport vehicle since many jeepneys and buses can be found everywhere.

Even if Jun took all the ammunition and rifles, they would need to use it in clearing the designated area. Overall, he was just getting rid of soon-to-be useless items.

On the other hand, Jun was also exhilarated. He sneakily brought out the matter of selling items to a high-ranking military man. It would soon spread towards the outpost, and the reliability and usefulness of CP would soon explode together with the demand. 

Marvin doesn't know of this and could only stare at Jun in puzzlement.

Jun informed King of the situation and asked him to gather the first army for a clearing mission. The mission was a simple and direct confrontation with the carriers.

The First Army would enter the Capital and clear the western districts and secure nearby bridges to provide an escape route for the VIPs.

No matter what, they don't need to do a full clear since the Capital was four times bigger and several times more populated than any other small town. The small town they cleared wouldn't even match up with the capital's population density due to the number of people flocking towards the land of opportunity.

People with ambition from all provinces come to visit the capital most of the time. Hoping to strike that golden opportunity that only a few people could grasp once in their lives.

A few hours later, the First Army finally arrived at Angono. Since there were no portals nearby, they had to use public vehicles as their mode of transportation. There were three busses forming a caravan and each bus could carry fifty people without losing convenience.

The First Army has already prepared everything they needed and were waiting for further orders.

King got off the leading bus and jogged towards Jun, who was waiting by the gymnasium door. 

"The preparations were complete, sir. I've already briefed everyone about the mission objective and we can go at any time."

"Good. Let's go!"

At Malacanang Palace...

An old man with dark-brown skin stared at the reports on his table. He had a short stature but his presence was filled with vitality. His eyes had dark circles underneath due to the sleepless nights he had to go through.

He was the President of the Philippines, Rodriguez Duforte, known for having a foul mouth but having a good heart. 

Due to the PSG's and the initial safety protocols, the Malacanang Palace was able to enter lockdown before everything started. Only a few unfortunate employees turned during the initial phase which was easily handled by the security.

The problem came later on as time passed by. They helped anyone they could which resulted in the increasing number of civilians on the outer courtyard.

During the first week and month, they could still safely gather supplies. However, things changed after carriers evolved. Their movements became further restricted and volunteers dwindled as more deaths occurred.

The once harmonious civilians don't want to risk their lives anymore and just want to free-load on the government.

After several months, the PSG's finally contacted the outside world and managed to cook up an extraction mission. Unfortunately, the evolved carriers roaming the city were already in great numbers with a few strong champions leading their packs. 

In the towns and provinces, a Rank 3 Destroyer seems to be farfetched, but inside the capital where there were millions of people at any time of the day, it was extremely easy for carriers to evolve. Most of the evolved carriers were already at Rank 2, while regular carriers were mostly sparse.

The extraction team was able to enter the Malacanang Palace at the cost of a small decoy group that lured nearby evolved carriers to the outer perimeters of the city.

Their job was simple.

To run back home, and attract as many evolved carriers as possible.

Rodriguez Duforte shut his eyes to relax when someone hurriedly knocked on the door. He massaged his forehead before allowing the person to enter.

Paul Celestine entered the room with a solemn air in him.

"We found enough vehicles in an underground parking lot. We can move now as long as you order it, sir."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go, everyone. We shouldn't be wasting time here." Rodriguez Duforte hurriedly stood up from his wooden waxed chair.

The PSG's quietly followed after him and ignored the General in front of them.

Before Rodriguez Duforte exited the room, Paul voiced some of his concerns...

"With all due respect. I still think bringing too many civilians would slow us down and might compromise your safety, Mister President."

At those words, the President turned and stared at him.

"I became the president because the people trusted me to change this country. They are my people. I'll act as if I've never heard this. Do your job, and let me do mine."

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》