Trash in the Apocalypse
301 The Loving, Foul-mouthed Presiden
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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301 The Loving, Foul-mouthed Presiden

It was already afternoon and the sun was on its way down from the sky. 

Several fashion jeepneys, mostly used for shows and decorations, were packed with civilians that formed a convoy behind the courtyard gates. They still have gates on the entrance which allowed better safety for the civilians. Some of the jeepneys had cool fiery designs while some selected few had hot anime girls sticking their tongues out with their eyes rolling upwards.

The military trucks can be found at the front and back of the convoy to ensure the safety of the members. On the center of the convoy were a bunch of bulletproof and armored black sedans.

The gate was manned by armed soldiers, making sure that they could get some headstart from any nearby horde by checking the surrounding area.

Of course, the military took over command and security of the convoy while the PSG's stuck close to the President's car.

The civilians were armed with knives and blunt weapons in case they have to fight for their lives. The soldiers would do their best to protect the convoy, but they would only use their guns when necessary.

"Mister President, please take this. It might not be much, but please use this in emergencies." The Presidential Security Group Head Officer said while holding a Glock pistol.

"Calm down, Jerry. This is just like any other day. There are dangerous people that want to kill me, and you protect me from them. Hahahaha!" Rodriguez Duforte took the pistol then started laughing.

Jerry could only sigh upon seeing the president laugh. It was true that it was like just any other mission, however, unlike those missions, there were thousands of assailants going after them. If it weren't for the well-stocked armory inside the Malacanang Palace, they would be struggling with their daily supplies. 

With all the firearms inside the Malacanang Palace, they could have easily stormed out of the city and hunkered up north. Unfortunately, the President was a loving one and had to care for every living citizen of the country. He refused evacuation since the situation up north wasn't verified.

Also, they tried to establish communication with the Philippine Army Headquarters only to find out that they were overrun. Most of the garrisoned troops were sent out to help civilians while the people in charge were killed from the inside, due to soldiers and civilians they helped to turn to carriers after some time.

The convoy was headed south where most of the military soldiers were waiting at the boundary. They couldn't go back up north since the attracted evolved carriers were waiting there. As for the east, it could be used as a backup when things don't go well for the southern path.

As the convoy continued its parade in the middle of the street while trudging the sea of abandoned cars, gunshots started to resound in the area.

"We're gonna be in trouble." Rodriguez Duforte frowned upon noticing the increasing number of carriers in the distance. He turned and faced Jerry, before asking, "Can you give me a better gun?"

"Eight. Nine. Ten! Hold up! Get back to formation! The enemy line has become thinner. Another ten count!"

King furiously shouted as he hacked another regular carrier. Its head easily got separated from its body and made a loop around in the air. The fight has been on for half an hour and yet they've already fought three hordes of regular carriers.

Although he felt weirded out that he hasn't seen evolved carriers in the mix, he took it as their luck being good since they don't need to work so hard for a simple side job. 

At best, they could just consider this as another form of training where they don't know what monsters they would have to fight next.

Jun watched the First Army fight from the backline. If any high-ranking carrier comes, he would be there to deal with it. 

Corwin stood beside him with a sullen expression. He knew that Jun established a private army but he never thought that they would be this effective in dealing with the enemies. He wished that his soldiers could be like them in close combat sometime in the future.

Still, he remained level-headed and continued with his plan to dominate the government market and improve his underlings' strength. 

Corwin cleared his throat before directly pointing out his intentions.

"I see that you've trained your people on how to fight. I hope my soldiers could be like them one of these days." He intentionally refrained from calling them an army since he doesn't want to make Jun feel good about the situation. He doesn't want to deal with someone who gained confidence due to his ramblings. 

On the other hand, Jun didn't care about his words, and coldly responded with his thoughts."I'm sure they will since they will die if they don't. You can't babysit your soldiers. There's a high chance of dying if they become too complacent."

"By the way, I haven't seen my helicopter around. Are you hiding it from me?"

Jun glared at Corwin with a bit of killing intent.

"No, no! I would never do that. It's currently retrieving soldiers sent out this morning. If you can wait until dusk, then you can have it." 

"And the pilot?"

"I-I can't give you the pilot. I can lend him for some time though. But you'll have to answer for his needs."

Nod, nod.

Jun nodded his head feeling pleased. 

'I guess that's reasonable. I can just brainwash the pilot with benefits, so I can lure him to my side. If not, then I'll just be content with training a newbie pilot.'

The two continued haggling over benefits as the First Army trained on the other side of the bridge. They weren't that deep into the city, but they were far enough that hordes would come every time they were about to finish a horde.

"These demons never stop coming. I don't think we can reach the expressway exit at this rate. Jerry! Give me another magazine!"

Jerry grabbed another magazine nearby and handed it over. 

Rodriguez Duforte took it and loaded it into his M16.

"Whose idea was it to use the expressway again?"

"I-It was General Paul Celestine, sir President."

"Tell him that his brains are made of porridge! He better start thinking of another plan! If more people die here, I will shoot him myself!"

The convoy had to stop at the skyway. Half of the road from the bridge has collapsed and they couldn't continue anymore.

A wild earth-element carrier has been rampaging destroying the area as more and more regular carriers surrounded it. Every time it attacked, the bridge road becomes thinner. Its victims hanging in the air continued snarling even when pierced which attracted more monsters into the area. 

The worse thing was, they have chasers from behind that accrued to a horde due to being ignored since earlier.

The soldiers only fired when the drivers were threatened or when a vehicle is about to be breached. This caused more trouble than actually saved due to over-relying on firearms.

The extraction was supposed to be swift and easy. The skyway was an expressway that wasn't even open to the public since the aesthetics weren't even finished. However, all plans were destroyed due to an elemental carrier roaming around the city.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the military had to deal with the elemental carrier while the civilians helped fend off the chasing horde from behind.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》