Trash in the Apocalypse
302 Skyway Bridge
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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302 Skyway Bridge

Paul Celestine looked troubled as he continued shooting every carrier that appeared in his sights. Every bullet caused a grotesque hole by the side of the enemy's head.

A single line formation of soldiers was enough to send a horde of regular carriers to their deaths. 

'This can't go on.'

That was what he was thinking upon seeing the dead bodies getting covered up by other carriers. They can't loot the bodies, and there are too many enemies. Usually, the army wouldn't even look at regular hordes like these since they don't give much benefit in terms of experience. A horde like these only cause harm more than anything.

If it were any clearing operations, they could have just turned around and called it a day. If they were in the mood, they could take some time to split the horde into smaller groups before killing them.

However, they don't have time.

And this wasn't any regular clearing operations.

The president was behind them, and they couldn't afford to fail.


"Five people, on me. The rest, continue thinning their numbers!"

Paul, armed with his rifle, run forward to get a better angle on things. Due to the elemental carrier creating spikes and causing noises, the horde circled with it as the center.

The military already stumbled with this unique carrier and knew how to deal with it.

The only way to deal with it was an assassination. If you shot it through the eyes, there's a high chance that you could kill it before it became careful of its surrounding.

The six-man group boarded atop an overturned construction truck and started firing on anything that gets near. 

Paul raised his rifle and took his shooting stance. The sights were only basic scopes, but with his trained eyes and the aim, he immediately found his target.

Unfortunately, the earth elemental carrier was almost the same as any other carrier. The only thing that reminds Paul that the target was the repeating rotation of the carriers in that area.

The earth elemental carrier was the eye of the horde where constant spikes of pierced carriers rose up. 

'In the end, we have to waste ammo and clear the horde.'

"Attack the undead surrounding the unique one. I'll take care of that one if I get a clear shot."

The five followed his orders and started thinning the eye of the horde. As more shots fired, the heads nearby became sparse.

Paul continued searching for the elemental carrier, and when he found it, someone actually shot it thinking it was a regular carrier. He found it through his instinct, but someone accidentally alarmed it. 

The earth elementals external skin was tough. The bullet ricocheted and killed another carrier.

By the time Paul pulled the trigger, the elemental carrier had already turned its head towards them, causing his shot to hit its nose. The bullet bounced off like how a pickaxe causes sparks when hitting a stone.

The earth elemental growled and summoned several spikes in its surrounding. The prolonged thinning of the remaining cemented road caused web-like cracks to appear.

When the earth elemental created another spike, the road couldn't take any more weight and collapse, causing everything above to fall.

Half of the horde joined the earth elemental as they plummeted towards the road below, getting their feet crushed like jelly.


Paul cursed out loud unable to control his emotion.

The horde on the other side of the road finally noticed them and started moving towards them, causing them to fall on the large gap between the bridge.

Jerry finally took this chance to step forward.

"General Paul, do you have any other plans? The president's patience is running thin. If you don't think of an alternative, he might snap on you..."

Everyone from the military and the PSG knew what kind of temper the president had. He loves his citizens, and that's a fact. So, if something were to happen to them, people in charge would surely be put in trouble.

Paul Celestine looked back at the gap over the bridge. Since the gap was about two meters wide, he was thinking about whether they could use something to make a temporary bridge. Several logs would do, or even a long piece of metal beams.

Luckily, he saw some construction materials earlier by the side of the road. It seems like the place hasn't been cleaned of materials and it was their great fortune.

"Grab those lumber! Pick the sturdy and long ones! Hurry!"

Paul ordered and ran towards the president and explained the situation. 

"The bridge collapsed and we're making a makeshift bridge. Don't worry sir, it would only take less than a minute."

"I think we don't have a minute to wait."

Paul frowned upon hearing the president's words. He turned and followed his gaze only to see a larger horde entering the skyway entrance. The previous chasing horde seemed friendly if compared to the following horde, which easily numbers around the thousands. 

Since the group was already had a height advantage, they could easily see the crawling Hunters and towering Destroyers amidst the crowd.

Paul called his elite marksmen to help with reducing elite enemy numbers. His target was Destroyers, which the army calls 'Titans'. 

His breathing slowed and his eyes glued to the sights.

Every time he uses the aim assist ability he had, every sound disappears and the world becomes still quiet. The only things that remain were the sound of his breath and his beating heart.


Most modern firearms fall under four different firing modes: semi-automatic, automatic, burst, and single shot.

Semi-automatic firearms fire one shot every time the trigger is pulled.

Automatic firearms fire continually until the trigger is released.

Burst fires multiple shots (usually two to three) every time the trigger is pulled.

Finally, there is a range of single-shot weapons that require the user to cock, load, pump, or somehow feed the gun a new cartridge by hand every time they fire.

In this case, Paul used the burst option which could deal successive damage in case his aim was off the target.

If Paul had higher high zoom-quality, he could have seen that the first two shots missed, but caused the Rank 1 Destroyer to jolt its head, which caused the third bullet to enter through its eyes.

The dead Destroyer managed to take a few more steps before falling forward causing a few carriers to get crushed underneath it.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》