Trash in the Apocalypse
305 Night Stalker
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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305 Night Stalker

Upon seeing the Destroyer charge towards them, everybody instinctively retreated backwards. Their steps were slow at first until someone shouted for everyone to run.


If they weren't surprised, they could have easily shot the Destroyer down. With their expertise and aim assists, considering the distance, it would have been a sure hit.

Thud! Thud! Crash!!!

Unluckily for them, the Destroyer wrecked the walls as its humungous body collided with the cement.

Dust formed and served as a cover for the Destroyer. It even picked a trash bin and threw it towards the survivors.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the group was able to reach a turn and dodged the flying trashbin.

The trashbin whooshed behind Paul who was the last person running in the group. He was the one leading the march, so he was the one closest to the exit.

The soldier who was at the rear of the formation became the lead runner. He saw an emergency ladder nearby and hurriedly jumped and grabbed it, successfully pulling it down.

Two soldiers barely managed to climb up when the shaking of the earth intensified.

Paul knew that they don't have enough time.

"Try to shoot it from above. Keep your radios on! Let's enter from the backdoor!"

The two soldiers who managed to climb up nodded their heads and answered in affirmation. 

"Roger that!"

"You can count on us, sir!"

With two climbing the emergency ladder, six people ran towards the distance. By the time they saw a door, they could hear the Destroyer skidding to a halt then enter the turn they just took. 

The Destroyer had dried blood on its arms, elbows and hands. Their origins were unknown and whether they were fresh were debatable. Its eyes hunger for blood as if it was on the verge of reaching the next level.

It saw two groups of people. One hastily climbing a ladder while the other was running away. Instinctively, it chose the people running away since they had more people.

Unfortunately, the group suddenly entered the building and from its previous knowledge; it couldn't fit easily into those doors.

In the end, it changes target in the middle of its run. It turned and grabbed the base ladder, yanking it out. 

The two soldiers climbing the ladder felt sudden turbulence and shaking. One of them even missed their step due to the shaking, causing them to temporarily lose balance.

With the Destroyer continuously yanking the ladder, the ladder's screws and connections to the wall slowly loosened up and disconnected. 

The two soldiers climbed faster due to adrenalin. By the time the first soldier climbed the rooftop, the ladder was halfway destroyed.

Seeing that both of its prey was about to escape its grasp, the Destroyer forcefully yanked the emergency ladder.

The last soldier was forced to prematurely climb the rooftop skipping several steps from the ladder.

Like a common death scene in movies, the soldier was about to reach the rooftop railings but stopped ascending. His fingers stretched forward trying to grasp even a minuscule hold on the edge hoping for survival.

Unfortunately, he was short for a few inches.

On his way to descent, a hand grabbed his hand and a familiar face smiled at him. He was saved like how a protagonist would be and the two smiled at each other.

"I got you bro, just hold on." said the soldier while prepping himself to pull his friend. He placed one of his foot at the railings to counter the gravity, and through gritted teeth, exerted force on his arms.

"Hooh... Let me pull you up—keok!"

Before he could finish what he wanted to say, a bloodied hand tore through his chest. He only felt a needle sting from his back before realizing what happened. 

Blood dripped off from the five sharp elongated nails holding what supposed to be was his heart. He tried turning his head around, but only a few seconds later, his vision dimmed and strength disappeared from his body.

Even with all the remaining HP, he still died immediately. His HP hastily drained like a broken dam losing water while his energy immediately turned zero. 

The other soldier hanging onto him could only watch in horror as his buddy got impaled by a Hunter from behind. He was showered by trickling blood and when his friend died, all resistances disappeared causing both of them to fall off towards the alley.

The Rank 3 Hunter hurriedly pulled its hand back when it felt that it was about to be brought down. After hearing a soft thud, followed by munching noises did it decided to look down from the edge.

The Destroyer was eating the fallen soldiers heartily like how people ate barbeque. 

Seeing its spoils getting stolen, the Hunter screeched angrily at the Destroyer.


The Destroyer shuddered and looked above. Upon seeing that the noise came from someone smaller than itself, it readily ignored it and calmly picked the dead bodies and walked away. 

Getting ignored wasn't new to the Hunter. Most "big brothers" usually ignore him and it got used to it.

But that was from the past. 

Ever since he learned that he had the advantage after evolving, he often killed the "big brothers" that doesn't listen to him. Well, most of the times it would get a pounding and had to retreat, but from there, it gained more experience and learned every time.

It wants to teach the big brother an unforgettable lesson. As it climbed like spiderman using its nails that dug through the walls, it suddenly smelled a familiar scent in the air.

"Sniff, sniff."

After recognizing the smell, it abandoned teaching its big brother a lesson and immediately run away. It jumped from rooftop to rooftop and used balconies whenever possible to get as far away as possible from the place. 

The Destroyer didn't know what it meant for the Hunter to run, but it knew that there were people inside the building.

After eating most of the life essence from the two soldiers, it tossed their fleshy remains to the side and pummeled the backdoor open.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》