Trash in the Apocalypse
308 Killing the Rank 3 Hunter
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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308 Killing the Rank 3 Hunter

Backtracking a couple of minutes earlier...

The Rank 3 Hunter who was slowly climbing down the wall like a spiderman smelled a familiar scent in the air. After recognizing the smell, it immediately ignored the Destroyer that stole its prey while scuttling away on the rooftops.

Several seconds later, a figure vaulted over the edge and scrutinized the area. The man had fierce eyebrows and was armed and clothed pretty well. His attire wasn't entirely for cosmetics because they were enchanted items with hidden effects.

The combat boots had a minor-noise cancellation effect. The leather pants and jacket had increased tenacity with bite and claw resistance. These were simple improvements that help a lot when fighting common carriers.

After taking a sweeping sense, Jun felt the survivors from below but decided not to peep on them. King and the First Army would be there to do that.

The problem was the Hunter that run away. Jun only thought it was a higher leveled Hunter and so he wanted to kill it, but after seeing its sly reaction, he felt a foreboding feeling and made an assumption that it was that slippery Rank 3 Hunter that always escapes from his grasp.

When he was under military service for a week, he always crosses paths with a Rank 3 Hunter who always run away before even fighting. When it was a human, its motto was probably "just survive" or "live another day".

After a probable encounter today, Jun decided to finish things once and for all.

Having a high-level enemy with a high chance of reaching the next level near his territory probably wasn't a good idea.

He listened to the Destroyer pounding the door and looked back to King who was on the road. 

"Our target is inside the building. There's also a Destroyer in the back alley. Deal with the carriers in the area and wait for me at the bridge. I'll be chasing something."

"Got it!"

King answered and ran towards the alley following the Destroyer into the backroom.

Jun activated his tracking related skills and chased after the Rank 3 Hunter. If he doesn't pay attention to his surrounding, the obvious tracks wouldn't be noticeable.

Due to the sharp claws of the Hunter, there were scratch marks all over the rooftop and he only had to follow them to catch up.

It didn't take long for Jun to see the silhouette of the Hunter since it was making a lot of noise when running atop roofs made with iron sheets. The loud clanging also helped Jun detect the general area of the Hunter.

With his eyes set on its target, Jun proceeded to speed up and finish the hunt.

The last time they fought, he was a lot more inexperienced, underequipped.

But now. he had swords crafted from a Rank 4 Destroyer. Its sole damage alone should easily oust any enemy like cutting tofu. What can a Hunter who specializes in speed do?

After catching up, Jun hastily threw bone needles towards the Hunter.

And of course, the bone needles missed. He wasn't an expert with throwing weapons. He just wanted to slow down the Hunter and he actually succeeded.

Although the bone needles missed their mark, the noise created alarmed the Hunter. It turned quickly around and shrieked at Jun as if warning him to not get closer.

This sudden turn was all Jun needed to get close. He lunged forward destroying the roof he was stepping on and slashed at the Hunter.

As if feeling the extreme danger coming from the sword, the Hunter crossed hands and blocked Jun's slash with its nails. 

The tier 4 sword stopped in its tracks surprising Jun. He didn't expect the Hunter's sharp nails to be so sturdy to be able to block his attack.

To amend the situation, Jun didn't waste time and activated Empower and Bladestorm.

The sword coated in ominous red energy gradually cut the nails of the Hunter. His body slowly started to rotate and unleashed a series of attacks on the Hunter.

The nails were the only thing that gave resistance to the sword. Every time the blade sliced the Hunter's flesh, it would scream in agonized torture. Even when it tried to counter-attack, it only resulted in failure and got its hands cut off.

In the tranquil night where most beings reserve their energy, a piercing wail of a cry echoed throughout the city. For the carriers, whether high-level or not, they weren't interested in the event.

However, solo survivors hidden expertly in the darkness felt troubled about the anguished screams, making sleeping for tonight a hard one.

After butchering the Hunter, Jun headed towards the meetup location. He ignored the human presence he felt in the area as long as they did nothing that needs action. 

Most of the presence he felt was alone. And for them to be alone, they're either someone strong or someone with great luck.

He didn't bother inviting them to follow him, nor initiating a conversation with them. People who need help will call for help. If they don't need help, then it's better to leave them alone.

After running for several minutes, Jun finally arrived at the bridge. The First Army took hold of the place and killed anything that came close enough.

Upon seeing Jun, King immediately ran forward and greeted him.

"You're right. The president was with them."

King only thought that these were random groups of survivors they encountered. However, Jun believes it to be the target group since they were traveling in the correct direction. 

"How is he?"

"The president is safe. They had silencer on their rifles, so small conflicts don't attract big hordes."

"Good job. Treat everyone to a fish barbecue once we got back. Everythings on me."

After praising his subordinate, Jun felt a couple of gazes directed at him. He saw the president curiously staring at him and another familiar face frowning upon seeing him.

Paul Celestine stared at Jun in confusion.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》