Trash in the Apocalypse
313 Greenhorn Director
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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313 Greenhorn Director

After a peaceful exchange of information, Erick tried repairing the Teleport statue and bounced away in joy. He set aside his duty to stop anyone from using the statue and ran towards the mountains. 

He needs to get this information over to the basecamp. With this knowledge, everyone should be able to use the Teleport statue.

To be honest, he wasn't sure if he could get out of there alive. He only complied with Jun's request because he was surrounded and his camouflage skill was eating away his energy. It would only take several minutes before he runs out of juice and be exposed.

With that in mind, he decided to show himself to at least get on the other group's good side. The information regarding portal repair was worth leaving his post. Besides, who would try to enter the plaza at this time? Those bandits and exiled groups won't dare to do anything presumptuous upon seeing the equipment of that group.

Jun watched Erick ran away towards the north-eastern direction. He wasn't familiar with the place, so he just assumed that the north-east leads to Daranak Falls, where the survivor camp is located.

Right then, several gunshots echoed in the distance. Everyone who had their wireless earphones equipped on their left ears heard a casual voice reporting the situation.

"This is the Scout Team. Alpha Team encountered a group of armed bandits. They're currently pinned down at the intersection between J Street and K Street. If there's any group nearby, please respond and go help. Be warned, the bandits have rifles and their numbers are currently unknown."

Surprisingly, no one from the stationed guard at the park appeared troubled. They retained their casual focused expression as they became more alert, keenly eyeing the surrounding.

It wasn't their job to respond to reinforcement calls, and they were thought about that. The responders would be those who are nearby and they would give confirmation whether they can help, so as to not get everyone to waste time. 

A few seconds later, two groups confirmed that they would go, and the wireless earphones returned to its tranquil state.

Currently, every wireless earphone was a treasure for the First Army. It was given to them for free, but any charging would have to be done on their own energy.

The wireless earphone was very useful for quick and short communication but easily drains when used for a long time. Additionally, wireless earphones have fragile durability. If it got hit by a carrier, it would easily get destroyed and repair was currently impossible.

On average, wireless earphones could last for a month of continuous use. Most of the time, they get destroyed due to damage from energy charging and usage. Still, it was a great item that they could never find anywhere.

"How are you doing? We never had the chance to talk freely for some time now." Jun questioned King as they enjoyed the bright rays of the sun in the middle of the park.

The rustling of the tree leaves all over the place happened at the same moment creating a weird sensation.

"Fine, I guess?" King replied without confidence. He was promoted to such a high position skipping several processes. However, he was trying his best to own up to it since he had to make sure that Jun would never regret his decision.

"It's good that you believe in protecting the people, but not everyone is worth saving. I just want to tell you that before you experienced it and only regret it later."

King became confused as to what Jun was trying to say. When he wanted to think about the deeper meaning behind his words, a lively crowd slowly arrived and headed towards them.

The Alpha Team went back with maddened expressions while leading a bunch of badly injured people towards the park. Several soldiers from the First Army had blood on their body and could only be carried by their teammates.

Upon arriving, the injured soldiers were settled down on a patch of grass and continued to be patched with healing salves. They would have to rest until the wounds regenerate, and even if they could move, they would have to be treated by a specialized healer (doctor\u0026nurse) to see whether they have damaged muscle.

The team leader stood straight upon arriving in front of the picnic table.

"Rank 4 Alpha Team Leader, Jhong, reporting. We grew careless since there weren't monsters around and got ambushed by bandits. Three people were heavily injured due to my negligence to uphold proper mentality during operations. I am willing to take responsibility!" he apologized and bowed his head.

King was disheartened after hearing that several people were fatally injured. Ever since forming the First Army, this was the worst case that happened. 

Was it their overconfidence? Probably.

Due to the gears and loads of sturdy equipment on their bodies, everyone felt like they would never be defeated in battle. What they didn't realize was their armor and weapons were another cause of trouble, due to how pleasing and practical it appears.

What would happen in the future if they continue to have this mindset?

King dejectedly leaned backward and slumped his body. Just then, he noticed that Jun hasn't given a reply and raised his head to look at him.

'Why are you looking at me?' King pondered to himself after seeing Jun staring at him. Seconds later, he realized what Jun wanted to say.

'Is this what you mean from earlier? This couldn't be it, right? What do you want me to do with him then?!'

The Alpha team leader was tensed like an arrow strung upon the bowstring, he didn't dare move nor raise his head even after a long time.

Sensing King's incomprehension, Jun had to step up and deal with the aftermath. 

 'Do I really need to teach you about people management? You should at least learn that on your own!'

The first thing that you need to do after an event like this was to raise everyone's morale!

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》