Trash in the Apocalypse
314 Condemnation
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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314 Condemnation

Jun stood up and patted the man's shoulder twice. "It's fine. No one died, so it's fine. You learn from your mistakes, and I'm sure you'll never let something like this happen ever again."

Jhong trembled in his place. He was ready to get demoted, or worse punished, for not being cautious enough. He wasn't expecting Jun's warm words.

"Yes! I will never let something like this happen again!" 

Filled with admiration and respect, Jhong retreated back to his team. His team members gave him encouraging smiles as their bonds become stronger. In the future, the Alpha Team would be the squad where the elite gathered. It will become the most powerful and durable attack force for the First Army.

King watched the scene unfold with realization. The words spoken to him earlier weren't meant literally. 

Not everyone was worth saving. 

It meant that there are people that can't be saved, while the other half needs to be saved. It was such a simple realization, but unless spoken to you, one would never understand!

The Alpha Team Leader messed up and caused his group to be ambushed. Normally, carelessness should lead to punishment, however, it was also the first mistake that the army committed. All the achievements they piled up outweigh that single mistake.

And so they were left unscathed to help raise morale.

Then, if the carrot has been given, shouldn't it be the time for the stick?

After consoling the dispirited team leader, Jun headed towards the kneeling prisoners.

Crimson aura outlined his body as he used several skills at the same time. Regular aura together with Threaten allowed for a good scaring tactic to those who were weaker than him.

"Everyone will answer a series of questions. If anyone of you passed the test, they will gain the right to rehabilitation. That means you get the chance to live but under the surveillance of my army. Are there any questions?"

Jun tried to sound civilize as far as he could, so to not scare these people. However, bandits were like wild animals that pay no heed to rules.

"Coward. Ptui!"

One of the captured bandits spat at Jun's feet. He was probably aiming higher but the spit only reached so far. 

"If you're so confident, why not fight me one on one?! I think I can bash that pretty face of yours to the ground with one hand."

Swoosh. Splatter!

Bumuth's Warhammer crushed the man's head and splattered blood and mucus in the surrounding. 

Gasps and exclamations resounded from the captured bandits as they lowered their heads to make their presence unnoticeable. Their leader was killed before he could even do anything. 

Jun only killed the man because he felt some strange energy that entered his aura range. The bandit leader was using a charm skill and he didn't appreciate being targetted by unknown skills.

The bandit leader wanted to sweet-talk Jun into fighting him, and nowhere in his plans did he ever thought that he would get killed before the skill could even affect Jun.

Jun retrieved the Warhammer, causing the headless body to slowly fall forward. With a thud, blood flowed out from the disfigured neck, covering the ground with blood.

"I'll take that as a no."

Jun looked around and searched for Jhong. After seeing him in the corner, he waved at him to come forward and positioned him at the back of the captured bandits.

"The person behind you has the skill to detect lies. You can try to lie, but it won't change anything."

With lowered heads, the captured bandits could only grit their teeth and glance knowingly at each other.

Jun started. "Have you raped anyone?"

No one answered.

"Have you eaten anyone?"


Everyone answered weakly.


"What do you mean why?" one of them asked. "Are you sick in the head?"

As if agreed, the remaining bandits jeered at him except for the youngest one who was still a teenager.

Right then, that same teenager opened his mouth and let the cat out of the bag.

"They've raped every woman and children they encountered."

The bandits turned to him in surprise.

"What are you saying?"

"Lies. All lies!"

The teenager continued. "The person behind me can tell whether I'm lying or not. I'm sick of what you guys are doing. You're my friends, and yet... Children? You guys disgust me."

As if reaching their limit, the bandit beside him punched him square in the face.

The teenager fell to the side and was shoved to the ground by the other bandit.

"Is that how you see us?! We let you stay with us, and you look at us like that!? Ungrateful bastard!"

Soon, the rest of the bandits joined and kicked the teenager begrudgingly. At the same time, they heard a strong proclamation behind them.

Jun had the Warhammer in front of him and used to support him. He was like an elderly man who was watching little kids bullying the odd-one.

"Black Haven condemns rape and cannibalsm. Listen! Every soldier of the First Army has to kill such individuals without mercy.

"No matter the reason, Black Haven territories must not be corrupted by these kinds of people!"

The soldiers guarding the area who weren't understanding what was happening earlier finally figured things out.

Some of them were indifferent while most soldiers with family resonated with Jun, especially those who still had a sister, a daughter, and a wife.

For them, their loved one's safety would be their top priority. Anyone who could become a potential danger should be eradicated from the face of the world.

The bandits turned to Jun and scoffed. They forcefully broke the straps on their hands and performed several arm-stretching as if preparing for battle.

The straps weren't that effective to evolved humans and everyone knows that. It was just there for the show. 

The reason why the bandits didn't break free earlier was due to the numerous weapons pointing at them. Nothing much change from the earlier scenario, but this time, they were sentenced to death by a single proclamation. If they don't make a move now, it was guaranteed death.

The first thing they did was to charge forward to Jun. He killed their leader in cold blood and they want vengeance. 

They were caught due to being outnumbered. These bandits thought that the First Army doesn't own guns and only owns melee weapons. 

Naturally, the First Army have guns. But they were limited in numbers and only team leaders were assigned one.

Another reason why the First Army doesn't use a gun is because of the formed habit they made during their training. It was much easier to move in close combat using melee weapons rather than using guns. Besides, guns attract more enemies to the area and are considered taboo in scavenging operations.

No one moved after seeing the bandits charge at their leader. For a moment, they even felt concerned for these poor souls.

Strangely enough, the bandits grabbed different decorations on their body like a sledgehammer pendant, a bracelet with a miniature knife, and a straight earring like a rod.

After a bright radiance, the miniature items grew in size and become wieldable weapons.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》