Trash in the Apocalypse
315 Testing Defense
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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315 Testing Defense

Jun watched as different kinds of melee weapons grew out of nowhere. Several bandits held steel rods while a few had knives and the last one had a sledgehammer. 

From their movements, it could be assumed that they have used this surprise attack a couple of times, and actually obtained great results. 

Unfortunately, this wasn't like any other day.

With a single wave of the Warhammer, three fast runners were instantly decimated to the side removing them from the ensuing fight.

The knife-wielders noticed that Jun wasn't all-talk and decided to use their knives as projectiles. The attacks hit the target but didn't do much damage to Jun.

First of all, common knives were very weak. Even Hunter claws were having a hard time scratching Jun's skin, how can a basic kitchen knife compare to that of the evolved?

The steel rod users pummeled him from the sides while preemptively dodging for any counter-attacks.

After receiving a series of attacks, Jun felt quite satisfied. 

So basic weapons are useless to me now? That's great news. 

If I continue adding points to power and endurance, will there be a time that gunshot could barely scratch me? There's only one way to find out...

In addition to keeping the community safe, Jun had an agenda in killing these kinds of people. It was to get the free points from the quest to kill other people. Free points were good and he also cleanses his territory's neighborhood.

Two birds in one stone. 

Completed Stranger Trouble(Repeat)!

You have successfully killed 10 people.

Gained +2 stat points. 

Jun ignored the familiar message and continued killing the bandits. 

Even though he doesn't like killing other people,    getting free points was nothing to look down. There were only limited ways to get stat points,    by leveling up,    which gives 2 stat points,   or by killing pure people,   those who were never bitten by carriers,  which transfers 10% of the total stats to the killer. However, pure people were much rarer than food these days. Even Jun who was the leader of a strong group had been bitten several times while fighting to survive. 

Another way was to chance upon treasured herbs or items that could increase a stat point upon usage, which is rare and had restrictions on how they can be absorbed. 

That only leaves leveling up as the only reliable source of stat points.

The side quest for killing people was a blessing in disguise. He can keep everyone safe by eliminating dangers while gaining more benefits for himself.

Upon killing the rest of the bandits, the sole survivor stood still in his place. It was the muscular guy wielding the sledgehammer. He had a crooked nose with strange piercing hanging on the nostrils. 

The man cowered and slowly backed off. "We don't have to do this. You can let me go, and you'll never hear from me again."

                            "I don't trust strangers with lots of lives in the line. Especially if they're trigger happy survivors like you." Jun replied as he dashed forward in quick strides while wielding the Warhammer as if he was only carrying a wooden stick.

The bandit clicked his tongue in dissatisfaction and counter-attacked. Unfortunately, he didn't even last a single blow as his hand erupted from the force that traveled from his weapon and coursed through his body. He spat blood as he fell to the ground filled with grievances. 

Just to be sure that the other party had no weird tricks on his sleeves, Jun used Empower on this attack, which seemed overkill but it was for safety.

Overall,  this battle was just to test his resilience and power over other survivors. Although the other party didn't use much of their skills, Jun could only assume that they were support-types since one of them tried to charm him earlier. Charm only works on those with lower charm stats, and Jun should be way above their leagues resulting in no effects whatsoever.

Jun used Rob on the bandits and made sure that everything was looted. The scouting team mostly looted everything and only left materials on the bandits' inventory due to storage problems.

After confirming that nothing of importance was left on the bandits' bodies, Jun crushed the man's head by dropping the sledgehammer, causing quenching sounds to spread.

Everyone was used to bashing carrier heads, but seeing a recent human get squashed like that, new recruits turned away and started calling crows.

When Jun was about to loot the body in front of him, a rigid voice came from the side.

"Did you really have to kill them?"

Jun turned and saw a young woman filled with innocence staring straight at him. She had a small face and fair skin, while her eyes were round and big like they were taken from a rabbit. Despite being in the apocalypse, she appears neat and clean as if she has never wandered the apocalypse at all. 

Contradictory to her innocence, she appeared charmingly wearing a tank top mostly used by women when going into the gym. Her ponytail wave with the wind as the place turned soothing with her appearance.

Until a notification appeared in front of Jun. 

Charm skill detected. Stat check... Attract skill failed. The skill has rebounded and the user is temporarily attracted to you.

Jun frowned. Why is everyone so quick to press the trigger? Does the apocalypse really turn everyone into an opportunist who needs to grab at every possible advantage they could take?


And I would do so too.

Without hesitation, Jun flashed a smile. 

Every soldier in the vicinity frowned and cowered at the expression. It was like getting used to a strict boss then suddenly see him smile. Everyone felt like something bad was going to happen and they don't want to become a part of it.

"Hey, are you new here? What's your name?" 

Jun stepped forward towards the girl, but a man a few years older than her stood in front and blocked the way. 

"I'm sorry about that. My little sister must have done something stupid again."

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》