Trash in the Apocalypse
316 People are Idiots
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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316 People are Idiots

"Erick, take her back. The rest will stay with me to gather supplies." the older brother said before facing Jun. The survivors around him were tensed but tried their best to remain calm, despite being surrounded.

"I'm called Edson, the youngest son of the current head of the Musang Family. May I ask whether you will stay after getting the things that you need?"

Jun grinned with contempt. "It's either you're family thinks I'm an idiot, or you're just an idiot."

"What do you mean? We were sent here to verify whether Erick's information was true. I'm just asking you some things along the way."

Jun sighed. "I hate clueless uncultured guys like you the most. People who were sheltered from a young age and know nothing of the real world. Or you're probably a cunning one pretending to be an idiot."

"No matter the case, no one leaves here until I say so."

"Surround them!"

The relaxed atmosphere immediately disappeared with his shout. The fighters from both groups took out their weapons and stood at equal distances with each other.

"What are you doing?! Are you mad!? You are at the territory of the Musang Family!"

Jun laughed.

"You probably think that the world runs around you? Let me teach you some lesson you'll never forget."

With a snap of his fingers, several soldiers from the First Army dashed forward and captured most of the other group's fighters. Even Edson didn't escape their hands and was pushed down to the ground.

King sequentially sent out orders and the whole event became organized. From disarming the group to checking their inventories for deadly weapons.

Still, the First Army remained civilized and did not steal anything, yet.

Jun watched the man named Edson flail on the ground. After getting bored with the repeating curse words that he was hearing, he turned to an empty space near the statue and glared at a single spot.

"This is getting boring. Aren't you going to come out? Or do you have grudges with this man, and would like to see him suffer? Should an arm do it?"

Jun walked forward with the ax-end of the Warhammer facing forward. 

Moments later, a silhouette vaguely appeared on the statue as the invisibility skill disappeared. 

A slightly older man around 25 or so appeared. He had a slim build enough for traversing the wasteland safely. Deep in his eyes, he was calculating how he was noticed and what actions he needs to take next.

Several seconds later, the man finally spoke. "If you have anything you're looking for, the Musang family would help you."

Jun didn't easily let go of his advantage, "I'm pretty sure that you know the current plan. That woman tried to charm me with a unique skill, and I'm not happy with it. That idiot is also brain-dead, and I'm wondering whether he was a legitimate son.

"The Musang family isn't very good at giving a warm welcome to those who treated them well? Do you have anything to say about it?"

"We apologize for this blunder. It's just that a lot of bandits have appeared recently, and we're having troubles with them."

Something doesn't feel, right.

Why do I have this feeling?

"Do we look like bandits to you?"

The man almost agreed, thinking that they were better armed than common bandits. However, he barely stopped himself before he got everyone into deeper trouble.

"I heard from Erick that you're looking for filtering equipment. We can help you get the equipment to make up for our mistakes. Additionally, we would like to trade more information from you, and we will pay with sacks of rice."

Hearing the other party offer sacks of rice made him feel better about the situation. In the end, he doesn't want to create enemies everywhere he goes. A few friends that could help is better than nothing.

However, Jun won't take their actions without making them pay for the consequences. "I will take everything from their inventories, including yours. If you have any objections, call a lawyer."

Jun waited for the man to answer back but it didn't happen. The man just nodded his head and accepted their fate peacefully.

Hearing the conversation from start to finish, the fighters from the survivor base didn't resist the robbery. 

The First Army took only dangerous things and left unneeded materials. Since they were not enemies, they only took a portion of the group's foodstuff.

After the inspection, the soldiers pulled the people back to their feet and herded them to the side.

On the distant building, a group of people was crowding on the balcony. Four sniper rifles were currently aimed at the park, and they could kill anyone once given permission to do so. 

The group of experienced snipers waited for the signal that has yet to come. They watched as their members got robbed of their equipment, and could only wait.

"Why isn't the leader giving the orders to shoot?! We could easily take them out! Especially that braggart with a big weapon!"

"Shut up and focus. If the time ever comes, we can't miss any of our shots, or everyone there would likely die." the oldest of the bunch said. 

Afterward, the man returned to his scopes only to see the aforementioned braggart staring at him. A smile slowly formed on the braggart's face and he mouthed a series of words that made every sniper looking at him raise their body hairs in terror. 

'I found you.'

Jun had an annoying face. The younger snipers felt irritated and pulled the trigger.


The loud gunshots echoed far and wide, and yet the target easily dodged the bullets by minuscule movements.

"No!" the man who was supposed to be the leader shouted after hearing the gunshots. He turned to the building where the shots came from and immediately saw the balcony where the snipers are hiding. 

He raised his hand as high as possible and gave the order for a ceasefire. Afterward, he turned to Jun, and hurriedly explained, "That was a mistake. I don't know what just happened but that's not part of the plan."

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》