Trash in the Apocalypse
317 The “Real“ Edson Musang
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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317 The “Real“ Edson Musang

"Would you like to tell me what the plan is?" Jun said while grabbing the man's neck and positioning correctly, so he could be safe. With the current trajectory, the man would be shot first if the snipers tried to do something.

Instead of answering, the man raised his hand with the same signal from before. In his roughened breathe, he squeezed a few words out. "I'm telling them to stop firing. If you release me, I can communicate better with them."

"You don't need to do that. My men can take care of something like this with ease."

At the same moment, a report came in from the wireless earphone. The sound wasn't explosively loud but it was enough for the two of them to hear it.

"The scouting group has located the snipers at XXX building. Groups that are near the location are requested to provide reinforcement and surround the area."

Upon hearing the voice from the earphone, the man sighed dejectedly and proceeded to do another set of hand signals. Minutes later, the news of capture resounded and five people were brought towards the park.

This new batch of people was already stripped of their weapons and any other dangerous items from their inventory. They politely stood next to their leader while gauging the surrounding.

Jun released the man from his grasp and the latter took a few steps back to fix himself. Afterward, he politely asked Jun for his understanding.

"We're off to a rough start, but I hope you understand. Seeing a well-armed group as big as yours, the people in charge of our camp doesn't believe that you're just here in search of equipment."

"We are sent here to assess whether we can trust you or not."

Jun scoffed. "So, what's the verdict, mister?"

The man answered. "I think we can trust you."

"Are you sure about that?" Jun said as he whipped out a revolver., and pointed it on the man's forehead.

The man's subordinates were about to jump Jun, yet with a single wave of his hand, they remained on their spots unmoving.

"Although you killed several people, those deaths were justified in your ways. We don't care about how you wish to run your community, and we would never interfere. Just like you, we run our own rules in our basecamp, and we would do anything to keep it safe."

Jun shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. "I guess you're right. By the way, we'll keep half of the sniper rifles that you have, and I'm not asking."

"Also, I heard you guys want to trade information? Do you have anything worth trading?"

"We have a lot of things. I'm the one who should be asking whether you have enough worthy information to sell us." the man said.

Jun chuckled. "As the man who led the joint rescue operation of the nation's president, I believe I have wondrous things you would like to know."

After seeing the confused expression of the man, slowly turning into shock, Jun flashed a business smile that meant he was ready to take advantage of others.

The man saw his smile but ignored it while extending his hand. "I'm Edson. Edson Musang, the youngest of the Musang siblings, assigned to defend the Outer Section of the basecamp."

Time passed and the trade was finished accordingly. However, to make the others suffer, Jun forced the trade to be made under the scorching sun. It was simply to annoy the other party since he was unaffected by the current heat due to his high endurance.

The first Edson was a fake actor to see what action Jun would take upon learning of their origin. if he were to kidnap or take the man as his hostage, the group would immediately be labeled as bad people. 

The woman who had the attract skill was just another actress and the two weren't connected by blood. The skill was used mainly to get most of the answers they want from Jun, but with the skill failing to do its job, the group was forced to do another plan.

The snipers were Teleport Guardians that Erick could call upon when people don't listen to his warnings. They have been watching the group since the start and were only awaiting orders from Edson.

Since the leader ordered them to get caught, they had no choice but to follow. It was this young man's guts that allowed them to survive, so why not follow him until the end?

Edson had a hard time bargaining with Jun since the man was not interested in weapons. First of all, Jun already looted half of their weaponry, and taking the rest seems useless. There are not enough bullets to go around, and having more guns only allows them to deplete faster. One bullet fired is one bullet lost.

In the end, Edson had to resort to trading the rare items they have in the camp. Most of the items Jun traded for were strange unidentified seeds.

Upon learning that Jun was interested in uncommon items, Edson offered to trade a lot of these seeds together with the unique materials they got after killing wild mutated animals. At last, the selection was finished upon trading the material remains of wild mutated animals. 

Edson wanted to exchange a lot of information, so Jun made him list it on a piece of paper. He would put a check on the things that he wants to answer and leave the rest unanswered. 

Afterward, he calculated the number of materials it costs and asked Edson to gather it first. Once the materials arrived, he would start answering the selected questions.

Edson didn't waste time and called for the fake Edson to come forward. However, Jun proposed that Erick shall be the one sent back for retrieving the items.

Why? Just because. 

Edson agreed with Jun and sent Erick back. 

Instead of running back like earlier, Erick disappeared in a radiant flash. Jun immediately realized something after the event.

The forest survivor camp had an accessible teleport portal!

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》