Trash in the Apocalypse
321 Spying on the Leader
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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321 Spying on the Leader

The trio became displeased after hearing someone interrupting their business. However, upon raising their heads, they trembled in terror as they gazed upon an angelic girl with a mutated dog sitting behind her. 

The woman was a known streetwalker. She had a beautiful face and the sexiest proportioned body one could find in this town. Unfortunately, she doesn't accept guests and only chooses men that fit her requirements.

Black long hair, fair skin, and proportioned body. The perfect dream woman every man wanted!

Even if one had the strength to force her into bed, they would never survive the onslaught that would come from her pet dog. They would be mutilated, mercilessly. Those who tried were never found again.

What was she doing here? Is she interested in this kid? But this brat probably can't even get it up!

Although the three wanted to jump forward and ravish her, the stinky breath and the dangling tongue of the mutated dog discouraged them from doing anything lewd.

As the three goons scuttled away, the woman extended her hand forward. "I'm Lynnana. I was listening from the side earlier and I heard something interesting from your report. Are you interested in doing a long term job for me?"

What's happening? I don't understand what's going on?! 

If she just wanted to request a job, why would she ask me to follow her? Am I going to get killed? Were the rumors true? B-but, I'm still a kid!

Of course, Roby knew who Lynnana after running around town doing odd jobs. Most aunties always told him to watch out for women like her when he grows up. They would drain you off your savings before you even realize it.

In general, she had a very bad reputation with other women while being lusted by numerous men. Roby never thought of adult things until it appeared itself before him.

He nervously followed behind Lynnana, and due to the height difference, he could only watch her butt swerve from side to side.

Roby hastily shook his head. It had no effect!

After trying his best not to stare at her butt, he noticed that the butt stopped swerving and actually turned to the side. He breathed a sigh of relief before realizing that Lynnana was actually staring at him.

"What are you waiting for? Go in."

Roby turned his head and saw the entrance to a dimly lit store, "I-I..."

With his fate under the mercy of someone else, he entered the store dejectedly. 

He escaped danger only to fall into much greater danger. 

Roby, 'I don't have enough savings... will she kill me afterward or should I tell her now?'

After entering the store, Roby noticed several tables and chairs with no other people in sight. 

Lynnana entered then shouted at the kitchen door. "Two orders of regular noodles. Please add more meat."

When reality struck him, Roby felt ashamed of himself. He was thinking about various naughty things only for the other person to bring him to a noodle shop.

It was her fault! She didn't clarify anything and just dragged me elsewhere! If she explained at least where we're going, then I wouldn't have assumed anything.

Lynnana knew what Roby was thinking after sensing his sneaky glances towards her. However, she considers it a natural reaction of men towards women, so she didn't take offense.

First of all, she wants his help, so letting him take a few glances should be to her advantage.

Several minutes later, two bowls of steaming hot noodles were served in front of them. There were vegetables and meat stacked on the side, while the noddles gathered on the other. The old grandma delivered the bowls with a tray and left without bothering them.

"Let's eat first before we discuss business," Lynnana said while encouraging Roby to eat. 

Roby nodded bashfully before taking the spoon by the side. He took a spoonful of broth and blew on them to cool them off. After taking his first sip, he found out that the broth travels smoothly in his throat. The longing for delicious food he never knew he had, resurfaced. 

Roby was immersed in the food in front of him that by the time he finished them all, then he only noticed that there was someone else on the other side of the table.

Roby playfully scratched his ears. "I'm sorry about that. It's been a long time when I got to eat something delicious." Roby had been eating rationed fish from the market. It was the cheapest foodstuff he could get that provides the best value. 

The two greeted each other casually before getting to the main topic.

Lynnana placed several items on the table. "This is a modified watch. Only a limited amount was released to the public and this is very expensive. This is a numbered account card, I'll regularly transfer money to this card every week. This is my account number and forum ID."

"W-wait, wait! Please slow down. I don't understand what you're trying to say. Before anything else, can you explain what you want me to do?"

Roby became suspicious after seeing the items on the table. If those items were really expensive, what kind of job would he need to do to earn them? 

Everything was suspicious!

Knowing that she got overexcited and failed to inform the request details, Lynnana calmed down and explained her request. "I want you to continue doing your job, and gather information for me. I want every information you could get about Jun Reyes."

Jun Reyes? Why does the name sound familiar?

"You specialize in discreet information gathering, right? You don't have to actively collect information. I just want rumors of him, where he's at, what is he doing. You just need to tell me those kinds of information."

"As for the reason, you don't have to know. And you don't have any choice about this matter."

Roby knew how serious she was from how thin the slit of her eyes was. He didn't even have the courage to reject in fright of getting killed immediately. 

Deep in his mind, Roby was startled upon realizing what the request was all about.

"Isn't this just spying?! Wait... Jun Reyes..! I'm going to spy on Boss Jun?! I'm dead!"

At the kitchen, the old grandma continued to knead the flour into sizeable shapes before chopping them into noodles. 

"Ahh, youth. The things you would do for love. I was foolish when I was younger, my little husband got away after I got a little confident that he would never run away again."

The grandma sharpened two knives against each other. "I'll have to teach him the basics once I find him again. I hope my request on the board gets completed someday."

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》