Trash in the Apocalypse
322 The Divide
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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322 The Divide

As the rumor about the President's rescue spread, the National Police finally took action and verified the matter. Some were swayed to go back to the old government while others were adamant to stay. 

In the end, the people who wanted to join the old government were the minority who couldn't adapt to the new world. They longed for the old system where they could just follow the government for a safe, boring life filled with a veil of obscure sense of protection that barely separates the evil from good.

Black Haven already prepared their stance against the event. The Guild (above organization) would not stop anyone from leaving, however, their citizenship and rights would be revoked stopping their usage of all Guild facilities.

For the survivors who were already used to hunting and trading resources within the guild, switching sides was never an option. In before, they were living a poor life lacking with everything. Now that they become stronger, they are literally feeling on top of the world.

Some even loved the neutral-grayness of Black Haven. As long as you don't go overboard, Black Haven wouldn't stop whatever shady business you were doing.

Inside the meeting room of the town hall, Chief Paolo Canlas had a grim expression on his face after his subordinate relayed shocking news.

Black Haven wanted the National Police out of the territory.

Jun initially paid no attention regarding the open-spy sitting at the center of the main town for Black Haven. The stronghold city up north was a mess with a lot of dictating powers trying to pull the strings from the dark. It would be impossible for them to become a threat unless they become united.

And that time was about to come.

The President has been rescued, and even if some group of people with different interests tried their best to fight over authority, the general public would still follow the President. With the President at the steering wheel, setting the direction for everyone, it would take no time for the old government to catch up.

With unity comes strength and division brings weakness. Simply, even the weak, unorganized group would become strong after they become united.

And the first thing that Black Haven needs to prevent is the outward flow of information. They can't afford leaks to research advancements, and the overall situation of the territory. If the enemy doesn't know any information, they can't make future plans and the status quo would be maintained.

As for future spies? He could just easily make Rene add a clause to the contract that if you're a spy, you would dance around naked once you signed the contract. Those who tried their luck would be caught dancing on the spot and would immediately be detained to undergo interrogation.

And if you don't sign the contract after reading the clause? You would appear suspicious and would still undergo interrogation. If you're clean and nothing was found against you, you would be free to go. However, if caught trying to escape due to the clause, that person would be sent for some fun time.

Survivors who only wanted shelter, a safe place where they could live would have no problems and qualms about most of the clause. Only people with different intentions would frown upon it.

Of course, the National Police doesn't know his reasoning for booting them out. Even if they know, they have no choice but to move out.

Currently, the National Police had 600 survivors, not including themselves. Half of them were non-combatants while the other half works their asses for various needed supplies. 

Paolo Canlas understands deeply how the stronghold works. The combatants would surely be welcomed with open arms, quickly fitting in. However, the other half would surely have a hard time adjusting and fitting in with the stronghold. 

Although he didn't stay for long at that place, he knew it wasn't as friendly towards the weak and innocent. Bringing these people would result in harsher situations.

Paolo Canlas doesn't know what to do. He knew he can't oppose Black Haven's will, or they would be annihilated on their spot without being able to fight back. In terms of equipment alone, Black Haven already monopolized all the top tier materials while the First Army had second-hand top-grade equipment. Even with unprecedented kind of luck, it would be impossible for them to win.

Left with no choice, Paolo Canlas finally gave orders to his subordinate waiting in front of him. 

"Inform everyone that we're leaving. We are going towards Antipolo where the President currently stays and join with their expedition to go up north."

 "What about the reason? People would ask why were leaving. Should I tell them about Black Haven kicking us out?" the officer replied trying to remain calm as much as possible. They were once glorious law enforcement officers, and yet here they are, having to walk on their toes as a new boss in town directs his gaze upon them.

"Black Haven isn't kicking us out, carve that in your mind! We're moving out on our own to reunite with the old government. We won't stop anyone from staying, but make sure that everyone in the volunteer group joins us. They're great power that can help with the expedition to the north."

"I understand." the officer saluted and walked out of the door.

Even though he was alone in the room, Paolo Canlas couldn't help but search the dark corners and only calmed down after making sure there was no one else here.

Just as he leaned back on his chair, the door suddenly opened.

He glanced at the open door but found no one there.

He frowned, "Is anyone there?"


The door was shut tight as if someone was having a bad day.

All the hairs on his body stood up. For a brief moment, he saw a familiar silhouette staring at him. Deep inside him, he felt like he knew who it was, and yet he decided to not pursue the matter. All that matters was he was still breathing, alive.

"Kukuku. Are you saying that you're always watching? Hahaha!!!"

Paolo Canlas clenched his fist so tight that blood almost stopped flowing on his hands. He helplessly leaned back, then his eyes wandered exhaustedly on the letter on top of his table.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》