Trash in the Apocalypse
325 Projects, Projects, Projects!
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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325 Projects, Projects, Projects!

The next project after the Great Wall Project is the Army Expansion. The expansion would be divided into three steps and mostly benefits the survivor. The steps were department selection, admission, and finally live training. 

The first step which was department selection would give interested survivors the ability to choose which department they want to join.

Currently, there are three proposed departments for military operations; the garrison department, the monitoring department, and the trainee department.

The garrison department is the protector of the territory. They guard the Red Portals against any threat that comes from it. They are tasked mostly with protecting the territory while also defending the borders and aren't required to clear the surrounding areas.

The monitoring department is the investigators of the territory. Although Black Haven is a neutral territory, it doesn't allow open-killings and too much disharmony. It still retains a sense of balance where strength plays a role in everything.

The monitoring department is the office staff of the army structure. They handle all the relevant work and are perfect for survivors that don't like fighting and only want to do civil work.

Lastly, the trainee department.

The trainee department handles all the vigorous survivors who want some adventure in their life. The department trains all the future reserve officers and would bear a lot of soldiers that would join the army. 

The three departments have differing base salaries and it was only logical since they have different jobs. The highest-paid of them all was the garrison department since they were in constant threat due to the Red Portals. They receive 1500CP a day together with various insurance and two days off to relax.

Followed by the trainee department that earns 1000CP a day with their only goal is improving their ability to gain the chance to enter the main army. Most of the training was group formations, self-discipline, and physical training. Survivors who failed to complete the training would be given the chance to be recycled into the garrison department. It is their choice whether to leave or take the offer.

As for the monitoring department, they earn 500CP a day enough for buying essentials every day. If they ever wanted more money, they could do other things during their free time. In the first place, there would not be much paperwork with mostly basic investigations as they patrol the territory.

The First Army operates separately from the three departments, but these departments work for the First Army. If anyone wants to join the First Army, they must join the trainee department and pass the set conditions before getting admitted.

After everyone chose the respective departments that they thought suit best for them, they would have to give basic information for the admission. The admission won't take long as it was mainly making things official. 

Lastly, after they got accepted to their departments, they would be trained on what jobs they had to do. 

Overall, the army expansion was a golden opportunity for a lot of survivors who haven't joined or solidified their stance with other factions. On the other hand, Black Haven will continue to solidify its position in the town, while private groups could only follow their ground rules if they want to stay here.

Every survivor in Black Haven knows that if they wanted more money, then they had to chance upon jobs that came from the Black Haven Guild. The Guild pays generous rewards to jobs they give out, unlike missions that came from other survivors who were stingy and wants to save money for the same job. 

And the last major project, Province Sweep.

Province Sweep is a large scale operation with the goal to clear the whole province of threats. The targets for the operation were aggressive mutated animals, all abominations, and evolved carriers that managed to hide or escape the surveillance of the First Army.

Survivors would be treated as mercenaries and would be paid accordingly. Although Black Haven doesn't force the survivors to give the loot to them, they have imposed buying-priority to unique and rare items before they could try to sell it to other groups.

The Province Sweep would be executed in the coming weekend, and every fighter was invited to further increase the safety of the province.

Black Haven doesn't expect a lot of people to come, but having a few extra hands would still hasten their progress.

As for the minor projects, they were mostly specialized jobs, together with skilled workers for other projects. For example, Black Haven is looking for people who have experience in any random crafts or people who know how to operate certain heavy-equipments.

The Guild wants a diverse population of skilled survivors to stay in town. With skilled survivors in town, they would easily attract wandering survivors to consider living in the area. With more strong individuals residing in the town, the safer the territory would become.

Back at Cardona Training Camp, a teen with black hair continuously received pressure from the waterfall falling on his head. He had no expression as he meditated serenely.

All of a sudden, the water stopped coming and Adrian opened his eyes. The waterfall wasn't a waterfall. It was a simple shower system fabricated from basic materials that can be found anywhere in the town.

He was seated due to fatigue after training for the whole day. As a member of the Elite group, he only needs to do difficult jobs and had a lot of free time. Currently, he was undergoing swordsmanship training under a Japanese samurai. 

Adrian can't speak the language but thanks to translation apps, they could barely communicate. At first, the man didn't want to train him, however, they got tired of eating fish and Adrian took advantage of that by offering various goods.

After getting to know each other, he learned that the two brothers weren't planning to stay for long and wants to go back to their country. However, as a gift for accommodating them, the man promised to teach Adrian for some time. Whether he learns or not would be up to him.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》