Trash in the Apocalypse
326 Sword Art Not Found
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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326 Sword Art Not Found

Am I doing something wrong?

When will he teach me other moves?

We just practiced swinging the whole day!

Adrian changed into a new set of clothes before going out of the shower. Although the internet has come back in the time being, the electrical power to run essential things in town didn't.

The makeshift shower rooms were constructed for reserved trainees after a hard day's work. It only offers basic hygiene as soap and shampoo are hard to come by. The water system was also equipped with a filtering system to make sure that the trainees don't get contaminated with unknown diseases.

Right after arriving at the courtyard, Adrian immediately noticed someone waiting for him, chatting with reserved trainees.

Upon seeing Adrian come out of the area where the showers were built, Sheila bade farewell with the trainees and waved her hand excitedly at him.

With a bright smile on her face, she asked, "How's your training? I heard this is your last day. Did you learn anything useful?"

Adrian frowned after hearing that this was his last day of training. "What do you mean?"

"I mean did you learn any fancy swish, swoosh things. You know, sword strikes or something."

"That's not what I meant... And I didn't learn anything like that. I'm still practicing basic swings and the master never taught me anything else. By the way, why did you think that this is the last day of my training?"

At first, Sheila thought Adrian was joking, but upon noticing his serious expression, she finally answered. "I met your teacher on the way here. He was leaving with his younger brother. Did he not say farewell to you?"

"No... I didn't even know they were leaving today." Adrian's brows furrowed. "Let's go. If we can hurry, we might able to say our farewells with them."

Adrian felt disappointed. Though no promises were made, he was expecting to learn at least a move or two, so he could feel proud of himself, and yet the reality was not that good.

Most of the things he learned from his teacher were the proper form when swinging, and additional advice and techniques on how and when to attack and to defend. As for any fancy techniques or footsteps, there was nothing.

It didn't take much time for the two to catch up since they were running instead of walking. Adrian saw his teacher explaining something in a foreign language to the reserve trainees guarding the Red Portal.

His teacher was getting anxious as the communication barrier worsened. Despite that, the man continuously tried to explain that he and his younger brother were leaving through the Red Portal.

The trainees didn't know what to do since they can't understand each other. Thankfully, one of them saw Adrian and called out to him.

"Sir Adrian!"

Adrian saw the helpless look of the trainees and smiled at them.

"I'll take care of my teacher. You guys go back to your posts," said Adrian before turning to his teacher. The two looked at each other without looking away before his teacher shyly scratched the back of his head. The man looked to the side as if he was searching for a good excuse about the situation. 

Unexpectedly, he didn't need to speak at all since Adrian already opened his heart out. "Thank you so much for teaching me for the past few days. I know I might not be a good student, but I'll further hone my skills, so when the day comes that we meet again, you can be proud of me."

His teacher stared at him sternly as if processing what he was trying to say. Moments later, he beamed a bright smile and responded using his foreign language, making the conversation a bit comical.

At the end of his teacher's reply, he was even patted on the shoulders as if something was passed onto him, or he was just being encouraged.

After a talk of nonsense, his teacher bade farewell and entered the Red Portal holding hands with his brother.

For others, it would appear unmanly but for those with knowledge, physical contact during Teleports would allow groups to travel together.

Adrian taught his teacher that information during one of their break times as a way of gratitude for teaching him. 

After the two bodies vanished from the Red Portal, Adrian felt that today has been a really tiring day. The training continued until he can't swing anymore, he was able to get back into shape after a short rest and shower.

Although he had an enhanced body, he still succumbs to what his body was accustomed to do.

Eating three meals a day, and on time.

Adrian turned to face Sheila. "Has Mike finished cooking dinner?"

Sheila pouted after hearing his question. "Can we eat out tonight? Get some fresh air, new sceneries. Although eating at home feels nice, it is also good to show yourself around people. Besides, it's our special day today, so I want some alone time with you..."

Adrian blushed upon hearing her request.

'So, it's that time of the month.'

When he first entered this relationship, he never expected what he was putting himself into. He only learned about some of her hobbies and interest during the short time they were together.

First of all, Sheila likes to appreciate every little thing that happens to them. She loves celebrating the mandatory monthsary each couple had to go through every month.

Her reasoning?

It was much meaningful now since they could die at any given point in time.

And of course, Adrian agrees with that. This was the apocalypse and he doesn't know when the good things will stop coming, so he had to prepare and become strong for the near future.

"So what do you want to eat? Do you have anything in mind?"

Sheila hugged his arm and sweetly whispered, "I know a quiet place where we can enjoy ourselves. The food there is really good!"

Just after she finished speaking, the Red Portal suddenly started to glow.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》