Trash in the Apocalypse
332 Territory Shop, Profession Developmen
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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332 Territory Shop, Profession Developmen

Jun decided that it was time to leave the city since he already achieved what he wanted. Besides, he can't casually hunt anymore since the area become riddled with Rank 2 and Rank 3 Evolved carriers after the hordes got attracted to his lightning tribulation.

He teleported straight to the Faction Base at the Binangonan Northern Plains and went straight to the conference room. 

While absorbing the energy earlier, he noticed that the prayer has reached an exorbitant amount after getting neglected for days. 

Though he already unlocked the Territory Overview a couple of days ago, one of the features it had appeared attractive to him.

The basic features of the territory overview were the citizen list, dungeons, and building management. The attractive feature to him was the Shop section. However, the shop was not selling items like how other system shops do. Instead, it only offers various buffs and bonuses that can be exchanged with prayers from the territory overview.

Currently, Jun had control over two territories in Black Haven. Binangonan, his main territory and Angono, the one he took over from Marcus, the Swindler. Cardona and Morong were standalone towns with no Lord, and is only occupied due to their resources.

The faction altar still had around 12,400 Prayers amassed daily offerings after the 10,000 Prayers required were deducted from unlocking the Territory Overview.

Due to the number of citizens, he easily amassed a great amount of prayers from the daily offerings. Even if he doesn't promote the faction altar, the survivors would still willingly flock to receive its blessing. Having additional buffs was better than nothing!

There were limited options on what items he could trade for and he scrutinized them carefully, so he could select what the territory needs best.

He bought a Tier 2 Profession Buff for 10,000 Prayers that lasts for 3 days. It increases experience gain in the selected profession, making switching professions easier while amplifying their outputs. There are still 2,400 Prayers remaining and he can't buy anything else from the Shop. The next cheapest item was the Tier 1 Buffs, which costs at least 5,000 Prayers.

The difference between the Tiers were simple. The higher the tier goes, the longer the time the buff would be available while also giving a higher efficiency and productivity. 

A regular civilian who had an unemployed profession could easily become a farmer with the help of the buff. If it needed him to weed and plant crops on hectares of land, then with the buff he could finish the job easier. Weeding would become faster as if the grass don't stick to the ground, and the soil could be tilled casually and yet still become healthy. Once the harvesting period comes, there would be an obvious increase in yield and the soil can still be reused without working on it again.

The same goes for other professions.

Survivors who want to become craftsman would gain the profession faster with less work. Making items would become easier and much prone to having good stats during the crafting. Clothes, leather armors, iron tools, everything!

Jun chose the buff because he wanted to hasten the development of the town. With more skilled workers, the more products the town could produce. The more products the town produce, the more items they could trade. And having items to trade, Jun could better control the community. The more Contribution Points settled in everyone's lives, the more Black Haven's services would become essential.

With this buff, the newcomers would feel that they made the right choice of choosing sides. At the same time, he could flex the benefits of staying in Black Haven. 

That day, every registered citizen received the buff and happily enjoyed their day. The still unemployed searched for suitable mentors to learn professions. 

Errol Rivera, the one of the few offensive professions in the town received hundreds of request from the citizens. The profession Hunter doesn't only sound cool, it actually gives one a sense of dignity. Survivors had already adjusted to the new world. They relate professions to old role playing games and Hunters were basic characters which had safety and power.

Errol tried telling them that his skill set wasn't what they thought but people still urged him to give some lessons. In the end, he agreed to their request and would held sessions when there are no missions for the Elite Unit. Though there was no definite schedule, people still welcomed the news and joined the trainings. 

The information scrapper, Roby, even received countless requests from survivors to have them notified whenever Errol would be conducting lessons.

After getting things done, Jun went upstairs and entered one of the idle rooms. He plans to get some sleep while passively earning EXP at the same time, Besides, the Well-rested buff disappeared after the lightning tribulation, so he need to get a new one.

[Congratulations! Fifty students you taught have successfully gained understanding of the subject. You unlocked the Profession, Teacher-in-Training. Would you like to change your profession?]

Due to the sudden event, Dyna answered empty-mindedly. "Y-yes."


A crisp sound resounded in her ears.

[Successfully changed professions! As a teacher-in-training, your lessons would now become much easier to understand, allowing students to absorb knowledge efficiently. There's also a substantial increase in reading speed, memory capacity, and memory processing.]

Dyna stared dumbfounded on thin air. The children and young teens seated in front of her waved at her, to catch her attention.

"Teacher Dyna, are you okay? Is there something wrong?" one of the older kids asked worried about why their teacher suddenly started acting strangely out of nowhere.

"I... No, I'm alright. Thanks for asking though." Dyna answered with a smile.

Sheq quietly opened her characted sheet and noticed that some of her skills had changed. The profession specific fish vendor skills had disappeared replaced by a passive skill Knowledge Impartation, and an active skill, Corporal Punishment. 

Knowledge Impartation is a passive skill which helps in teaching various information to the other party. The user's voice has a slim chance to be understood immediately after a single utterance. It would come as an enlightenment to the student, which readily allows them to use the knowledge.

If the Knowledge Impartation happened while teaching a skill, the other party would immediately grasp the core concept of the skill and use it.

The more complicated the knowledge, the lower the chance of activating the skill.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》