Trash in the Apocalypse
339 Death Squad
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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339 Death Squad

Jun entered the building and found trash littered on each floor. If he didn't saw the people on the top floor, he would have believed that the place was empty.

He calmly climbs up the stairs without bothering to investigate the specific floors. It's just a whim of his to tour the town and entertain the timid man.

Jun entered the top floor and met a scantily dressed young woman waiting for him in the hallway. After he got closer, the woman motioned for him to enter a certain room.

"The boss man is waiting for you on the other side of the room. I suggest coming empty-handed because the boss man doesn't like seeing weapons in his presence."

Jun glanced at her then entered the room. 

The room he entered was a wide-open space decorated in summer. A mustached teenager was half-naked seated on the other side of the room. Several women lie unmoving on the ground with erotic expressions on their faces.

'Oh? It seems like there's a small chance he wasn't lying.'

"It's rare to see feisty people around these parts. Did your boss know about this? I paid a hefty amount to play around this area and I don't appreciate getting interrupted." said the young man as he fondled the two women beside him.

"Oh, you don't have to worry, I don't think you'll be staying here for long." Jun waved his hand hastily to calm the other party. "I'm planning to use this town as a trade route for my territory and I expect you to move out soon. But before you leave, I have several questions that I would like you to answer."

The man scoffed and smiled at him. "Since you barged into my place, don't expect getting out alive. Kill him!"

The space distorted and survivors appeared from both the left and right side of the hall. Several transparent sheets fluttered in the air, failing towards the floor. The empty place suddenly became packed.

"Kill him!"


"Stupid brat! Come meet your daddy!"

Jun remained calm despite the situation. The moment he stepped inside the room, he already saw their cheap attempt at setting up an ambush. No one can escape Detection unless they have a counter skill or were already dead. He could only shake his head after watching them act like fools. He thought they were planning something grand but their only plan seemed to be a direct confrontation.

"You're quite impatient. Don't you want to hear what I want to say?"

Jun ducked, then weaved across people disabling them with one strike to vital areas. A chop to the back of the neck and a punch to the gut usually takes anyone down considering his high power stat.

Some of the survivors started using their core skills to stop his advance. One grisly looking uncle cursed at him, causing sudden irritation to rise towards that person. The effect only lasted for a split second and Jun was able to control his feelings again. The next person was a muscled brute who charged at him with hands glowing with brown radiance, It was an instant-lock grapple skill that could crush the target when caught. 

Jun didn't try to dodge and only used Empower x1 to match the attack. Before the brute could grab him, his body arched backward, ready to vomit air.

After that short fight, Jun was already standing in front of the boss man. He walked forward and said, "You should have listened first. I could have given you a better offer. Unfortunately, the offer is withdrawn and your group will be placed on the lowest rank."

The boss man grinned when Jun stood in front of him. "Hahahaha! You're kinda funny, but I hate your guts. If you kneel now and beg for forgiveness, I won't kill you and just sell you as a slave."

Jun smiled, then started laughing too. "Hahaha, we actually have the same idea. I just have a much better plan. You see, getting slaves didn't work out well for me. After thinking for some time, killing all the bad guys isn't a good idea. Using them as resources is the best idea!"

The boss man frowned. "Hey, hey, are you an idiot? What's the difference between what I said and what you said? Nevermind, I'm Chou, you are?"

The boss man named Chou stretched his hand forward. He acted as if he didn't give the order to kill Jun a few seconds earlier.

Jun knew the other party was planning something, yet he still shook his hand. 

The moment their hands touched, Chou grinned widely and started using his core skill, Massage. Relaxing energy flowed from his hand and circulated on Jun's hand. 

Jun could feel the conflicting warm and cold sensation from the massage. It was like a heavenly massage like no other. 

Chou laughed and almost keeled over. After several seconds, he finally stopped and slowed down. "Ahh, that was easy. Did that feel good? Now kneel. Kiss my feet, sucker."

He knew that victory was his since his massage skill hasn't failed him even once. Everyone that he used that skill on became enchanted and longed for more. The human body receives muscle damage and deep fatigue that rest cannot overcome. That's why when the body experiences a new type of soothing energy, caressing the body, one would fall into addiction.

"Woah, calm down. I know we hate each other but let's watch our language, okay? By the way, thanks for the massage. I think I'll call you often once you join my new army."

Chou frowned, confused at the current situation.

"Don't worry, all your friends will join that army. It's not established yet and you guys are the core members together with some private guards of mine. You'll be tasked with important missions and sent to dangerous places, but don't worry. I will train all of you and provide proper equipment for each individual."

"You will be my private attack force, ready to die following my orders."

Jun leaned his elbow on Chou's shoulder like they were best buddies. "Welcome to the Death Squad."

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》