Trash in the Apocalypse
345 Moving Out From Your Parent“s House
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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345 Moving Out From Your Parent“s House

After the Province Sweep Project, a noticeable increase in army enlistment occurred. The survivors that joined the expedition weighed the benefits and happily joined the army. Word of mouth was a powerful thing. With everything that the survivors witnessed, more people learned about the great opportunity to enlist in the army.

However, there are people who are against the idea. The already strong individuals think that it's better to go make your own group and gear up from there, which is in fact true if people are willing to take the risk.

Currently, the strong people were divided into two groups, one group advocates being your own boss while the other focuses on stability and taking it slow. No matter what, they're still contributing and that's what matters.

With the increased number of recruits in training, the military training area had to be moved somewhere spacious. And where else was a good fit other than the Northern Plains beside the Faction Base? Training next to Black Haven base would raise the sense of belonging of every soldier. Even if it was only formation practice, basic battle training, and battle tactics, it could be an effective tool for making the soldiers a bit more loyal to the faction.

At the moment, there are more than a thousand people enlisting for the army. This would greatly bolster the military strength of Black Haven even if they all don't apply to the Training Department.

In the Black Haven Marketplace, a new type of bone sword appeared. A bone scimitar made from the bones of a Giant Milkfish. 

The news about the boss monster appearing in the fishpond dungeon has already spread in town for a few days, which created hype around the items created from it.

Its bones were durable and has natural agility to them, allowing any weapons crafted from it to become swift and light. On the other hand, the scales were too brittle and can't be turned into armor, so the Head Craftsman John decided to turn them into throwing discs.

The fish scales were inherently light and have sharp edges. It was not too tough and can easily be sharpened. After deciding the most useful shape and with a little sharpening, the throwing discs were born.

The throwing discs have their edges sharpened while having small holes to insert the finger and grab on. The ideal usage would be basic energy coating, durability, or sharpen, depending on the situation.

It was also discovered that the edible portions from boss monsters tend to give extra stats upon consumption. It was a guaranteed extra stats instead of the percent chance when consuming other kinds of meat.

Half of the Giant Milkfish's meat was sent to Black Haven while the other remained in the marketplace for the people to buy. The lowest price on one kilo of Giant Milkfish's meat was sold at 2000CP and no one argued about the pricing. It was even turned into a sudden auction due to rich factions arriving at the scene late and wanted a piece of the treasure. 

Not everyone has access to these kinds of treasures and finding one is a hard endeavor. 

Normally, anyone could fight a random carrier and was guaranteed an essence stone to be used for increasing the stats. However, there was nowhere they could find any carriers in the whole territory. If they want to hunt more monsters, they have to venture out further, increasing the risks they have to take.

Everyone realized the dangers too late and regretted not coming to clearing events. Now, half of the population don't have the required battle experience and the stats to hunt on their own on the outskirts of the territory. If they want to improve, they need to work or join a group and take everything slowly. Unless they find a natural treasure like herbs and fruits, or a place that has turned sacred with various buffs. 

Still, latecomers who wanted to improve themselves still had the chance to catch up. They just have to grind a lot inside the dungeons. However, that would take longer since tamed dungeons were regulated and have set rules for who can enter them. Even with the disappearance of the National Police. it only meant a slight increase in public entrance time.

With the newly discovered boss monster benefits, the dungeons returned to becoming the most frequented place in the territory. Black Haven has already claimed the Wild Dungeons from Angono and Cardona, causing the Frontier to make a decisive choice to move out and head over to Taytay, a neutral place with no owner. 

To make sure that there were no misunderstandings, The Frontier made sure that their intentions were clear. They are still citizens of Black Haven and just want to make a base of their own. Their old base in BInangonan would still be occupied and would become their agency, housing their representatives when there are important events. 

Though they tried to showcase their goodwill, everyone knows that they were after the Wild Dungeon: Treant Forest over there. Though most of the loot was durable sticks and barks, that was only from regular monsters and the boss still hasn't been killed. If they could find out how the boss monster spawns and what loot it gives, they could easily finally seal and establish themselves as another great power in the territory. Their members wouldn't view joining them as a way to improve but would rather feel a sense of dignity in itself.

The Frontier's action caused a lot of smaller factions to plan about their future. They started their small strategies on how to recruit more people and the benefits they could give.

The Great Expansion has come and things will start to speed up with the advent of the coming new era.

Jun paid no mind about the happenings and watched everything unfold with a smile. He doesn't need pig teammates, and having people take initiative is a very good thing to have.

He was not scared that someone would take over since they don't have enough resources to do so. Maybe, in the near future? But would he allow one group to prosper too much than the other? 

He controls everything in his territory starting from supply and demand. And everything has a supply and demand. 

Hunting missions specifically.

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》