Trash in the Apocalypse
352 Reputation Level
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Trash in the Apocalypse
Author :Arba
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352 Reputation Level

With the magical staff, any non-elemental can wield elemental powers as long as they hold the weapon. The staff acts as a converter and any energy that passes through it would be changed into the element of the orb embedded into it.

On the same note, Jonard's little experiment paved a new road to material embedding. Power stones and speed stones could now be used to further enhance any equipment as long as it was able to take the brunt of the embedding process. Some of the equipment used to embed mid and high-tier stones was destroyed due to overload.

Everyone was reminded of an important rule of crafting that day, high quality materials need high-quality equipment. It would be impossible to enhance a low-quality item using high-quality materials since its durability wouldn't be able to last the whole embedding process.

That day, almost every trainee returned to their organizations excitedly. They learned a lot of unexpected techniques and the Head Craftsman taught them everything without bias.

Back at the Frontier, Alday Ruan and the higher-ups watched their apprentices work despite just having returned from Black Haven. These young apprentices didn't waste any time and immediately started experimenting on various equipment using essence stones. 

The workshop reserved for the craftsmen became filled with clamor as more and more equipment got destroyed. Less equipment broke as time passed.

These young apprentices weren't god-like geniuses that could succeed on their first try, but they were able to rise up and achieve the apprentice rank title due to their perseverance. Every one of them started out in a different profession then became novice craftsmen. After crafting hundreds of items they became familiar with how the profession works. 

As long as you continue to pursue what's in front of you, you will one day be able to reach it.


"I did it!" shouted a young man, then hopped around in place. The moronic grin along with the excitement in his eyes gave his classmates the hope that they could do it too!

Once someone finally learned the skill, it wouldn't take long for others to follow. Every craftsmen apprentice danced in joy when everyone was able to learn the embedding skill, and successfully implement the task.

Still, they didn't rush when the organization officials offered them to embed elemental orbs. The Head Craftsman explained to them that the higher the material's quality is, the more energy the material will consume. With their current state, everything would surely result in failure. 

The oldest apprentice craftsman explained the situation, and they were given some time to take a break and relax, then they will continue their work tomorrow.

Alday Ruan stared blankly. "I didn't even have to beg."

Monica hugged him from behind. "It's alright, you almost made me laugh. It was so funny watching you try so hard."

Alday Ruan softly pinched his wife's thin arm.

Monica chuckled. "Ouchie ~ It hurts daddy. Please stop."

Feeling embarrassed, he released her arm. "Let's go. We need to accommodate our promising craftsmen. They're our only hope in keeping up and getting ahead of other factions."

"Best make them happy, right?" Monica removed her hands and followed after her husband.


Once the magical staff was created, Evo realized they don't need to train people to become mages. With the current development of 'magic', it was too unproductive to train soldiers in that area. Close quarter combat was still the best method when dealing with enemies.

With that thought in mind, he categorized the information around mid-grade priority in the Virtual Library. Any individual with Reputation Level 5 and above would be able to access that information.

And Roby, the errand boy; just happened to reach Reputation Level 5.

Black Haven was a place not for the weak. People still have basic respect for one another, but not for the weak. Still, you have to watch your actions since everyone has a connection with someone, and that someone might be stronger than you.

After his encounter with Lynnana, Roby was tagged as untouchable in town. Unless you have a death wish and want to get chewed up by a mutated dog, most bad guys stay away from him.

Some jealous dick heads envied him for sleeping with the town tramp and decided to target him. Torture would be impossible, so the next best thing would be some soft physical punishments. Usually, they would just scam him out of missions, but he doesn't pay much attention to any of it.

Every day, he would spend his time doing small chores for other people. He started paying attention to the names of the job posters, and the job description itself. 

There are two ways to earn reputation points. Either work for Black Haven for daily points or accept jobs from the mission board. A Black Haven agent isn't strictly confined to the building. They get paid less, but they have the freedom to do what they want. They also have the ability to work on other projects with other people. Black Haven only reserves the right to be prioritized when they want something done.

When he first started, he would get bullied. So he decided to only accept unknown transactions and missions virtually through the account card. He only meets in person with people he had worked with in the past.

He eventually became the first citizen to reach Reputation Level 5 by doing smaller jobs.

Unfortunately, Roby remained oblivious to what his reputation level could even do. He was never interested in the Virtual Library. Even when it was first introduced as a skill library.

Why would he want to browse a library when he doesn't even want to fight?! He just wants to survive, somehow!

"What do I do with this?" Roby pondered in confusion as he sipped on his mango juice, feeling invigorated.

He sat on one of the benches in the plaza and watched people passing by. Each one has a different reason for living and different destinations. His goal was to only survive.

The plaza was illuminated by the energized streetlights produced by Black Haven. Some would try to steal the lights, but they would be caught immediately before they could even run away. No one knows how they were produced and everyone knows it comes from Black Haven.

Despite being converted to energy-power instead of electricity, the lights still shine just as bright as they did before. Their radiance lit up the entire place leaving no areas of darkness.

It was a magical sight that never failed to amuse him.

Will I become strong one day and be able to make something amazing too?

Now that he got a sponsor that gives him money weekly, he began to splurge on things that he normally wouldn't.

In just one day, he had already spent 100CP on snacks alone! His lunch and dinner weren't even accounted for yet! Life has become so luxurious!

In the past, he would be happy if he could buy lunch and dinner below 100CP, and yet he was starting to become a shopaholic. 

'I should save money or start a business. If things continue this way, I'll become broke and useless if Miss Lynnana stopped funding me!'

Just as that thought crossed his mind, Roby was reminded of his current reputation level. He still doesn't know anything about it, so he decided to investigate it in the forums.

After doing a simple search, he found a guide that teaches everything he needs to know about reputation points. The further he read, the wider his eyes became. 

"I-Isn't having a high reputation level important then?!" Roby stuttered and almost drowned in the mango juice when he realized how important reputation levels actually are.

As someone who deals with information, being able to view high tier information could make him rich! Getting a potential buyer would be a problem. He was still a target of jealous admirers, and if strong people found out that he had access to high-quality information he would be kidnapped. 

He doesn't even know whether Lynnana would really protect him! A lot of people think that they are in some sort of relationship and that she is into little boys, but the truth is that she's actually a possessive stalker!

He didn't have to dig around to hard to find out that Lynnana actually confessed to Boss Jun that she wanted to bear his babies. Once she was rejected, she toned down some and only requested to have sex and receive daily insemination. 

She's crazy!

Rumors say she becomes stronger every time she has sex. A lot of interested survivors dated her, but they never lasted. He doesn't believe that!

Those people probably died in a dark alley somewhere!

Every time that they accidentally meet, he could feel that she was slowly getting stronger. He could feel a terrifying dark aura around her, and it's growing stronger every day.

"Wait a minute... since we're already working together, I might as well sell information to her!"

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    《Trash in the Apocalypse》