Vampiric Blood
42 Phone Call
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Vampiric Blood
Author :TwistedKevvo
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42 Phone Call

Of course, being a thief didn't bother Jason all that much cause I mean, what's a thief compared to a bloodthirsty vampire? What bothered Jason was getting caught red-handed perhaps literally since the red crystal melted in his hand. But while he was thinking all this, his legs kept moving, and he had arrived at the counter.

"Hi, I swear I'm not following you, haha!" Jason teased her in a light tone and gave her a friendly smile hoping that would cover up the awkwardness he felt at seeing her so soon and the fact that he had one hand in his pocket since he didn't want to find out if he was going to get caught red-handed literally or not.

Hailey gave a quick laugh at Jason's awful joke and replied

"If you're not following me, then what are you here?"

"Well, I heard this place had a gorgeous barista, so I came to check her out, but it's just you," Jason said all this with an exaggerated tone of disappointment as he looked down on the ground as if in sadness that the barista was not as pretty as he hoped she would be.

"Yea, I'm sure it's quite a disappointment seeing me instead of a hot barista here waiting for you to seduce her." She made a look with her eyes as if she was a little angry.

"Well, I didn't get to see a gorgeous barista, but I did get to see a pretty cute one." Jason gave her a quick wink before seeing her blush slightly.

People behind inline seeing Jason so blatantly with the staff felt a bit jealous as the staff that worked here were beautiful by any standards, but Hailey especially so. Hailey noticed the line start to build up, so even if she didn't wish to, she had to speed things up with Jason. So she directly asked for his order hearing this Jason froze for a sec as he thought about what he wanted and picked the first thing that came to mind and left but not before getting a hand-drawn heart on his coffee cup, which drew a quiet smile.

Walking down the street with the sun slowly sliding down, casting long shadows throughout the streets, Jason felt at peace. These couple of days had not been easy; his mind was shaken to its core several times. First was the fact that he had become a vampire, then he suddenly had a grandpa Siegfried that was looking sketchier by the second, after that was him consuming blood for the first time. All this was simply the stuff he could remember right away these past days had cast a deep shadow on his mind. But calmy walking down the street drinking his coffee, he felt himself calm down and more accepting of what he was going through. To his knowledge, vampirism was not reversible, so he had to accept that fact whether he wanted to or not but it wasn't all bad if you looked at it differently, this might be a benefit for him. How many people had searched for ways to prolong their life and gain strength beyond human comprehension? This was a turning point in Jason's life if he were able to grab hold of the opportunity before him, there would be no limit to the heights he could reach.

While Jason was still lightly daydreaming about his future, his phone vibrated in his pocket the screen showing that it was Stephen calling him. Jason quickly picked up the phone and answered lightheartedly.

"What's going on, man?"

Hearing Jason's tone through the tone gave Stephen a slight pause.

"What do you mean what's going on I was calling to ask you that. Last night you freaked at Bruce's club and fucked that guy up and then disappeared. Tony and I handled most of it with making sure people didn't say too much, so you should be fine at most a fine or something, but what the hell man, why did you freak out like that?"

Hearing the question made Jason uncomfortable on the one hand, he did owe his best friend some kind of explanation, especially after hearing how they handled most of the people in the club that saw anything. Still, on the other hand, this wasn't something he could tell someone else. In that split second, Jason decided to tell a bit of a lie.

" You know how it is, man, that guy was fucking pissing me off coming at me like that he deserved to get his ass beat."

Jasons tone and bravado made it sound like it was no big deal and that the guy deserved it, but the situation wasn't precisely that the guy got his ass beat, but the critical part was that the guy got his ass beat to within an inch of his life. Getting into fights was something that happened all the time for Jason and his nosy group of friends who liked to go around partying, but this was the first time that someone had gotten this hurt.

Recalling the expression of ferocity and hatred that twisted his friend's face as he crashed down onto the man from the club made Stephen question Jason more even when the latter tried to downplay it.

"We both know that you weren't just beating this guys ass for nothing. Something is up, man, tell me, dude." Stephen asked in a pleading voice.

Stephen was worried about his friend. He could sense something had changed when he had arrived at the club, but that feeling only grew as that night went on until Jason exploded at the blonde man.

Hearing the slight pleading in his friend's voice made Jason feel a stab of guilt for lying, but he realized that what was going on wasn't something that they could be involved in as a slight mistake could cost them their lives.

"Don't worry about it, man, it's nothing I swear. I was in a mood, and the guy came in cockblocking me and just being a prick pissed me off, so I put his ass in his place. Its really nothing, dude."

"Alright, if you say its nothing, then it's okay, but you can talk to Tony and me, you know we won't ever say anything to anyone you know that." Stephen knew that his friend was stubborn, and if he was determined not to say anything, Stephen would never get anything out of him even if he tried so he could only wait and hope that Jason opened up sometime soon.

Hearing Stephen back off made Jason relieved as he stopped questioning him, but it also made him feel bad that he was keeping something from his best friend.

In an attempt to quickly change the subject, Jason quickly brought up Tony's sister Julia's birthday.
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"Julia's birthday is coming up pretty soon you have any plans for that yet?"

Hearing Jason's very obvious change of topic made Stephen laugh.

"No, I don't really have anything planned for this year, but if you want, we can do something together for her?"

Both Jason and Stephen took this rather seriously as Tony treasured his younger sister dearly, and as his best friends, they both knew the level of care he showed for her. They were both also quite close to her as she was always trailing after Tony trying to follow him everywhere as he was with the two of them.


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