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You're The Brightest Star In My Sky
Author :PinkPig8
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35 Not an Update

hello everyone, it has been a few months. Yes, I know I haven't been updating and I have no excuse. A lot has happened this few months and I'm not gonna tell everything cause that would be too personal. Anyways, I think that this book is not gonna update anymore due to the fact that I don't feel that it's good. I feel like the way I've written this novel is so trashy and the characters have no emotions whatsoever. I know what you're thinking. "That's all?" and yes that is all. Some of you may have liked it hence the reason that you keep reading every update that I post. Some of you may have not liked it and deemed it trashy (as I did). I liked the way the novel started but the longer it went it's quality is a bit....I'm not even gonna talk about it. I've been asking myself what went wrong? What did I do? I tried to save it several times but no. It didn't work (obviously) and then the novel suddenly had assassins like wtf? I don't know what I was thinking about that time when I wrote that.

I was so excited about this novel. I even wrote an ending for it. But now compared to my other story ideas, this novel is not the same anymore. I have a lot of stories written in my notebook. A story about a demon who was sent to the human realm and met a suicidal girl (I'm working on this one), a story about a silver-haired princess who was sacrificed to the sea god, a story about a mafia/yakuza who bumped and accidentally switched phones with an energetic girl, a story about a fujoshi (otakus you know what I'm saying) and a director of a huge company and another 4 that I'm not gonna say cause it's too long. What I'm saying is, due to my stupidness and my wild as heck imagination and dreams (yes, sometimes I get dreams that I turn into stories), this novel who was once my top priority became my not so top priority because I'm too excited about my other story ideas. And then I lose all motivation to update. Sometimes I even force myself to update as you can probably tell by the chapters that were poorly-written.
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So I'm asking you all nicely. Do you still want me to continue this novel or not? Are you even reading this or not? Probably not. Do you want to see one of the other novels that I'm currently working on? Just say so in the comments or you can E-mail me or dm me on twitter. That is all. Thank you for reading all of this nonsense. Love you all!!!!!!!!! (/^3^)/~

Gmail: girlypig31@gmail.com

Twitter: @girly_pig


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