the tale of mermaids
1 the beginning of the tale
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the tale of mermaids
Author :i1gg
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1 the beginning of the tale

as I swam away from the Carnage that was the surface land. I could not believe at how the tepoo ( they called them selves human) acted as if we were trophies for them to have and keep to look at. we we're once all friends and family and couples but now cause of that Foreigner that showed up months ago I was now being ran out of my homeland Along with the others of my kind. tatineenee is what we are called, but the tepoo could not say it well so the referred to us as mermaids or merfolk. the friends and family we had once thought would not harm us turned on us faster then a flip of a tail at the mention that our hides and flash where able to give immortality and our babies were sold at a high price. that Foreigner told stories to the kids and the tale of riches and horror that our kind bring that went on for three hundred years and finally as his descendants brought about even more deceit and likes to the tepoo, we tatineenee weren't expecting to actually be exiled to the ocean where we tend to live on occasion and go to land for the three day breather that was required for us not to drown. As I swam I thought of all the things that lend to this the the papoo who did this is the start of it all!!! there is no changing the past though and although I as the elder that has lived though millennium's of life and though so much that the tatineenee had decided to name me the keeper of the different types of tatineenee and they're secrets from the puffer fish tattees to the white shark tattees.

; hi lirit here hope you guys don't mind a short lesson on how all the words,saying meanings, of all the ways of the mermaids or int this case tatineenee. yay!!

tattees : short way of saying tatineenee.

serten: an rare clan that is vary ancient of the tattees.

papoo: meaning betrayer or evil man

tepoo: friends for the tattees that may be gifted with powers of the tattees if they are deemed worthy.

sasa: means grandmother.

Bobo: means grandfather.

nayo: bother.

yone: sister.

sallyo: king .

laboo: shamen to the king of the seven seas also the tutor for the Kings and queens children.

gappe: grandson.

guppi: granddaughter.

gaga: son.

gege: daughter.

sallyooto: vary formal way of saying king or great king.

toula: the way to say queen formal and otherwise.

their is several species of tattees for us to learn about to but I'll leave that for the story

hopefully this didn't get to bored and are still with me if not sorry if so yay!!! let's get back to the story;

I looked back watching the white, tiger , hammer,whale,and the rest of the shark clan pass me to my right to my left the human changed tattees were swimming way with sorrowful expressions I new they were crying but could not anymore cause the water was hiding it. I finally stopped swimming away from the surface and turned to see the unlucky one floating to the surface and being towed towards the land to be eaten and the young that was not even a year old we're taken to be dried and kepted. as I watched the horror I could no longer think of any of those self proclaimed humans to be called friends but I'll from now on only call them papoo.


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