the tale of mermaids
3 the start of it all
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the tale of mermaids
Author :i1gg
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3 the start of it all

As I looked at all the different clans and the faces, we had all stopped to grieve and catch our beath, realize not all the clans whated to completely discard the papoo.

I called all the heads of the clans to gather and discuss the next steps to take for the long and tiring years to come that would be hideing in the ocean the rivers and hopeing humans never see us ever again. several weeks past and finally we got to a deserted island so the meeting could commence and we all could get air for we had to come up every three weeks or so for air or we would drowned.

the clans as I suspected were not all for just completely haveing the papoo's mind eaesed so we settled with the one that were our tusted would be compelled by the dalfin tattees to come to a air hole that was connected to a cave a mile or so from the village. They would be tepoo and would have access to some of our powers and if they spoke of us they would lose their voice so not even their children could remember.

We then planned witch clan would rule and be the head to all this starting with the ritual I was voted " solmon is the only one here that has more power being from the sarten clan and knowing all the clans secrets is something only a high king would know."

I blushed not realizing how much they depended on me. " thank you Chad I know I am of ancient clan and ancient but for the clan that I come from. still I do not feel I deserve this." the daflin clan head slvie spoke this time " you have lived millennium's more then all of us combined and even if we all have roots to the ancient clan none of us have had children of the clan for ages now even if we have the ability to do so. that lives you alone and unable to mate fully even if you have several offspring already none have been born of your lineage." she stopped as if she was afraid she had said to much.

I just simply think of my ten children that I have had over the years one was actually the head of the shark tattees and was sitting at the other side of the table looking like he was expecting something and even if what slvie said was true I was proud of all ten of my children. I looked around the table and said " I know why their is no more of my kind and that is my secret to tell when I feel the need but for now I have written it down and hidden it so their is only two that can open it and to those two they have no clue what they are looking for. but I am proud to say I have a kid in each of the clans that are here now and I am not lonely so I have been fine and as for mating fully you of everyone here know I am not in need of a mate." everyone then turn their heads with slightly amused faces towards slive whose face was blushing a bright pink color that was for the pink dalfin race but on rare occasions could be seen on other dalfins like in this rare occasion.

I could not help but start laughing at this.

The serious one among us which was the jelly fish clan the heads name was bolt started to get angered but the light hearted banter that me and the rest were having witch was understandable cause his full mate witch he had shared half his life with was gone dew to what happened with the papoo he was with me on the whole wipeing all their minds but he and I were only two of the 8 here so we were out voted. " I believe you salmon are the best suited for the job for your expertise in magic along with your craft of being one of the ancients and the secrets that you hold from the ancients you are the last one that holds power we are but half of what our ancestors were but you are still within the range of what your ancestors were." bolt said with a confidence that brought on an air that no one could argue with him. He had a valid point but he was young still with only 500 hundred years under him " I may be the only one left of my race but that does not mean another wool come from me I could just be my last and I would not be able to continue my gene"

they were all silent for a minute " so what if we pair you up with the most powerful one amongst the clan and hope that one day you will pass it on" the heads of the creatures and mermaids of the dark depth of the ocean the on no other clan can travel to unless they have a spell strong enough to hold against the pressure that the water gave off and have a high eyesight in the dark,I think his name was stew or Bob something odd like that. ooh I see the strongest one amongst the clans was Pearl she was of a rare type among all the clans but also looked down apon, she was also Bob's daughter with a human changed mermaid." hummm the strongest among us is Dreyfus of the whale clan... I don't think it would be good for salmon and dreyfus to pair up plus it is a 1 in a million chance that they can even produce a child together." slive says not getting the hint and makeing Dreyfus blush a beat blue color as he was blue with flimsy but strong teeth that ate krill like that of a whale shark for he was a humanized whale shark with his large stature and strong will to migrate with the well Clan he was also the head of the whale clan." I don't want to marry someone I don't love, no offense salmon but my mate is who I what and she is not the type to share." Dreyfus stumbled over his words and began blushing and even darker color blue almost the color of the deepest part of the ocean. at this point me I burst out laughing. " Dreyfus I am sorry to say I don't think you could even get close to the amount of power Pearl has and slive you need to find your self a man" .

having said that I had several conversations with Pearl and she was a beautiful girl along with the strength she had unfortunately fallen in the pool were everyone look at her for she looked human and mermaid she had long legs that were webed and they were not closed with the tale like looking fish thing the rest of us had the only difference was her whole body had scales and her ears looked like fins she swam fast and it was slower then the rest of us but faster then what most humans could swim. she was born before her mother changed only half mermaid but still had her father's power along with her mother temperament. " we are getting off topic of a sort." bolt said haveing half his anger at our delays depleted by the amusing scene before him. " I guess everyone agrees I should be king of the 8 kingdoms then...." I pause to see if anyone would speak up in objection." then Bob ...." I pause again in case I said his name wrong he just looked at me with an expectant look " I will marry your Pearl on one condition ... she agrees also I do not want her thinking you are selling her out for more power within your domain and I want a place 500 feet below so she is close but is still outside your reach and that is where I will rule from cause everyone here has the ability to go that far and it has an relaxing air there." Dreyfus looked shocked by this along with everyone except for slive and Bob who I was closest with. my dad was of the dark clan and my mom was of the whale clan so I think that is why I was so close with them.

we didn't do much for the rest of out stay on the island cause the spell would take a whole lot of magic and we needed the humens to keep and share our magic to make it so all and everyone was affected by the spell to ensure our safety and security their magic would greatly affected them later as their children will also get the gift but as time goes on the power will be given back to the ones it once belonged to.


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